The Great Blogging Experiment

Blogs seem to be the craze nowadays. Which is why I’ve decided to spend the past minute creating this blog. And therefore this blog is aptly named “The Great Blogging Experiment” – I’m going to see what makes a blog great.

So I was considering the following:
1) Do people really like to read about what you did throughout the day – as routine as it was?
2) Do people enjoy reading insightful experiences?
3) How much does humour influence the ‘enjoy-ability’ of the post?
4) How deep should your thoughts run – before people get bored of reading?
5) Do people enjoy looking at pictures? (I’m not a camera kind of person btw)
6) How personal (in a positive way) can a blog get?
7) If you could measure your blog on a scale, what would be on both ends – besides good and bad?

Of course this list of questions could possibly go on if I had more time.

But, enough said. Let the random-ness begin….

Tomorrow that is – I need to go sleep now :p

*afternote: I think it’s quite perverse how I have to wake up at 6 and reach school around 7.40 for registration when my first class is at 11.


6 responses to “The Great Blogging Experiment

  1. hahah this is a great start indeed 😛 with many random thoughtful questions floating around, makes it a really interesting read! lol keep up the good work 🙂

  2. i’m shocked joel actually got himself a blog..he doesnt strike me as someone who would talk bout his life..and i doubt he would=P
    he’s making this blog look like the WinGS forum already..haha

  3. Very funny. You guys rambling here is doing exactly just that.

  4. hmm… i specifically remembered someone saying something’s a waste of time =P

    lol. anyway, welcome aboard =)

  5. wow..such a surprise that JOEL LEE has started a blog.

  6. lol. I was gonna comment about joel’s big blog opening…until I realized that so many have already commented! 😛 I believe we all feel and say the same things.. 😉 muahahaha. Joel caught the blog flu, it’s about time, really! Joel, NEXT, a handphone!!
    (aiyah. And i have to sign up with blogger to post a comment? why so mafarn wan?) 😛

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