A life or death question?

After the initial ‘euphoria’ of my blog release, after the apparently cycnical second post, and the randomness of the third post, here’s something of consequence to think about. And consider carefully what you’re about to read.

Suppose one day you were walking down the street and someone came up to you one day and asked, “What is my purpose in life?”

How would you answer that?

Well firstly you might think that he’s suicidal. I would. At the very least, he’s confused, and can find no direction, lost in the bustle of life, aimlessly wandering.

If you told him he had no purpose in life, he’ll probably just step in front of a bus right in front of your eyes. Bad idea.

If you told him that his purpose was to enjoy himself, he might reply he tried but found no eternal happiness – when the cash ran dry, his happiness evaporated.

If you told him that he was here to make a difference in the world, he would probably reply with the fact that he can’t even make a difference in his life, let alone in the world.

If you told him we’re merely a product of the stuff, of this so called evolution, and that we find our own purpose in life, he might just spent the next few months doing some desperate soul searching, before throwing himself off his balcony, because he found none. Another bad idea.

Sounds like a worst-case scenario. But it’s not totally unrealistic. How often are we so caught up in routine, in our short term delirium, in our pursuit of the neverending goal of success, that we lose sight of the bigger picture? Of the fact that there is a bigger picture? That there exists an ultimate purpose behind all the short term goals of success and wealth, of pleasure and power, that this world blares at you? That your life is not defined by others but by the One who created you and gave you a role to fulfill on this earth before returning to Him?

Step back and take some time to discover the truth. The truth behind your life. Because the truth will set you free. And then you will no longer be captive to the chains of this world.

A lot of people ask me why I’m always grinning or happy all the time. Well, here’s my answer:

I have found THE truth, the one and only truth. My chains are gone. I am free.

Would you like to be as well?


4 responses to “A life or death question?

  1. FOUNDED NONE?? mg, your english is poor! You should check your post for grammatical errors before posting!


    and yeah i totally agree with what everyone’s saying…still can’t believe you started one.

    And my joint blog with Ash don’t count. I didn’t start it, I just got ‘tagged’ along =)


    you’re a natural at this blogging thing joel!

    i have to mention…about the theoretical poor guy who founded none…you should’ve borrowed him your bible. WINK WINK 😀

  3. lend cheryl, lend.

  4. she’s poking fun at you joel, lol intentional mistake

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