Annoying habits..

Taking a break from SAT revision..

Want to know what I find an annoying habit?

That guys dont wash their hands before leaving the bathroom.

But then should I be surprised? I remember reading about a survey somewhere (can’t quite recall at the moment where it was) that a higher percentage of guys fail to wash their hands compared to women.

You men, you are a disgrace.

But here are some tips for those of you who get irked by non-hand washers.

  1. Go to the nearest cubicle and pull our some toilet paper, touching the door knob with the toilet paper instead of your bare unprotected and clean hands.
  2. Wait. Wait. Wait. When someone opens the door, rush out.
  3. This is best done with a friend. Use the bathroom and pretend to dally, but as soon as he ignorantly touches the contaminated door knob, get out of there.
  4. Touch the door itself. Sometimes the door is never fully closed and therefore you can grab hold of the wooden door itself. I recommend grabbing the bit BELOW the knob. Why? Cos wood apparently harbours bacteria longer than the metal knob. And you’re not the only one to grab the door itself. Only that most people tend to reach for a comfortable height. However, this is still not a recommended method and I highly suggest you find the nearest sink upon exiting.

And you might laugh, but handwashing after using the bathroom is one of the most fundamental hygiene practices. Apparently a lot of food poisoning cases, and stuff like herpes is caused by coming in contact with other people’s leftover hand ‘prints’ or your own germs.

So I thought about the issue and wondered, what practical steps have mankind taken to resolve this hygiene issue when indoctrination fails?

  1. The door-less toilet. Yep. You see it nearly all the time in shopping malls. I am highly supportive of this idea.
  2. The toilet with the always-open door. Same concept except that the door-less toilet was probably an evolution of this concept.

Here are some drastic measures that I have thought of:

  1. Getting rid of urinals and all and only having cubicles in the place. Then before users are allowed to leave the cubicle, they have to wash their hands in this inbuilt sink in the door and get their hands certified as clean by a scanner before the door unlocks itself. If not, stay locked inside your germ infested cubicle for trying to contaminate the world with your germs.
  2. A doorknob that yells “GO WASH YOUR HANDS” when someone who hasnt done so touches it.
  3. In built sterilisers in door knobs. That would be an awesome…ly expensive option.

But honestly, why dont people just wash their hands in the first place? It only takes 10 – 15 seconds.



2 responses to “Annoying habits..

  1. Oh, so that’s why you stand at the door whenever someone’s in the toilet. Ben Bradley has reported this to me as well, and I have experienced this live.

    But anyway, yes. Excellent.

  2. well, you should write a book about this, joel.

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