Yes. This post is untitled.


Because today flew by really fast and I havent had time to dwell on things. SATs are tomorrow and the funny thing is I’ve only started looking at practice tests this week, namely Tuesday.

I guess you could call that last minute.

I’m aiming for a perfect score of 2400 – lol wont be easy if the paper comes out horrible.

Ever had a day where you couldnt find time to dwell on the day’s experiences? Caught up in the routine of our daily schedules, buffered on all sides by oppressing, albeit sometimes unnecessary, pressures? This isn’t what humans are meant to be like.

The rat race is getting crazier and crazier every day. And sometimes we just can’t stop, or we’ll be left behind.

But stop we must. Cos sometimes it’s preferable to be left behind, then to tire yourself staying in front.

Recuperate. Refresh yourself. Seek rejuvenation in God.

Then run.

But don’t run towards the worldly standards of success – money, achievements, e.t.c

Look to eternity. Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith. Cos the crown of righteousness awaits.


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