Back again

Haha. One day hiatus. But relative to the frequency of my posting (every day), that’s quite significant right?

So what ‘interesting’ topic do I have in mind today?


Vulgarity. Otherwise defined as #@$*.

Ahh. Interesting topic, no? What makes a person want to swear all the time?

I think the best way to answer this topic would be from my own experience. Here are several reasons for the increasing use of vulgarity in everyday language:

1)Media influence. This comes in the form of movies, books and musics. 50 years ago, this would be unheard of but lately if you can’t put one bad word in a movie, then you cant seem to sell them. The action heroes always have to say four-letter words to sound ‘manly’ and ‘action-oriented’. Strange huh? I thought the big guns and muscles would say enough.

2)Peer influence. Friends pass it on to you. People think that it sounds cool to say it. “Oh! He’s so mature and cool and using that 4-letter word. Well if I want to be a teenager, I’d better act more like him and find a way to use that #@$*ing 4-letter word”

Ahh. I think that’s it. It’s all about influence isn’t it? It’s so much a part of teenage vocabulary that people no longer think twice about those words.

Well. Perhaps it’s time to take a proper look at those words. Although I don’t intend to type them out here. Highlight the empty spaces to see the meanings. A common one in fact means to have sexual intercourse with someone. Interesting. Another common one means illegitimate son. Another one we hear just means faeces. Wow. So mature, these words. Let’s see how we can use them in a sentence. (Highlight the chunk below in order to make it visible)

“Don’t be such a have sexual intercourse with someone illegitimate son”.
“I can’t take this have sexual intercourse with someone faeces”
“Have sexual intercourse lah!”

Yes. I can imagine someone going around saying that. So mature. So cool.

So what makes a person swear?


The desire to forge a spoken identity of themselves as perceived of those older than them. But little do people realise how insensitive the use of such language is. People often treat such language as commonplace everyday words, but it is indeed disturbing language to hear from people as young as 12.

Why must you express yourself in such indecent language?
What makes you think that saying that makes you 10 years older or something?

The english language is vast. People have invented emphasis words like ‘super’. I dont think to have sexual intercourse with was ever intended for that purpose.

To Christians, neither did God intend for such foul language to come out of your mouth. The tongue is a reflection of what’s in the heart. And we should certainly keep our words pure and devoid of such indecency, a true reflection of He who resides in our hearts. So clean up your act – cos I’m certainly trying to do so on my side. I know it’s not easy, and there’s a slight ‘withdrawal’ phase where you attempt to adjust your language mindset, but it’s worth it.

And yes, I do understand justifications that words like dang and crap are used to express a moment of exasperation or a mistake, because I certainly do use those from time to time.

But are they really necessary?

That’s something I need to go think about now.


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