Well well. My ‘tests’ are now over.

So, what does it take to get into Cambridge?

After my pretty puzzling interview, and that extremely long Thinking Skills Assessment, I have arrived at this conclusion:

If you have Cambridge written all over you, you’ll get in no matter what you do (unless you really mess up the entrance examination, and even then…)

And if you are not Cambridge material, then you’ll never get in no matter what you do.

There it is. The secret of Cambridge.

Lol. Well, wait till my reply letter comes back sometime later – I have no idea when – before I make any further conclusions. Right now, I have a 50-50 chance, because I have no idea how their admissions process works.

Btw, someone mentioned to me today that there are 40 people applying for economics in Malaysia. And they’re only accepting around 8 – which is the 1-in-5 ratio that’s often quoted. So yeah, what is it with economics that everyone wants to do it?

I think I’ll stop at that.


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