It’s pretty late. I know I haven’t um got on with my daily posting. Blame it on that pile of work I was referring to. Photos are going to come later too.

Anyways, this is a disclaimer for the previous post. It seems that my ex-girlfriend has been getting quite a few calls regarding it. So I’ll just like to say a bit about what happened, without giving away too many of the details.

What was written in the previous post is the accumulation of quite a bit of my thoughts over the past two years or so, as I sought to search for the all pervading reason for BGRs nowadays.

I pinpointed it down to two factors, one being it a cultural fit-in kind of thing – it’s like everyone has a boyfriend or girlfirend and only a ‘loser’ will not have one; the other is the need for a void to be filled inside.

For my previous post, I chose to focus on the latter reason. The former reason is, well, although relevant, kind of a foolish reason for dating someone, so I don’t have much to say about it except that those people who are looking for someone for that reason, you better rethink your course of action.

Anyways, what I was looking to do was to question the necessity of having a partner at this point of life where marriage only looks a possiblity at the very least 6 years from now from my age(though this depends on the age of my readers). And so I answered with an emphatic “NO”. Because I felt that as much as the emotional pull of hormonal changes has to be recognised, you can blame it on my mental maturity that this isn’t really the appropriate age to be dating, especially as you can spend your time wisely making friends and getting to know other people without being tied down by time commitments, or seen as being tied down and thus less approachable.

So tackling this issue from my Christian background, and in light of certain events, I was looking to point out that well most people have this ‘void’ which they want to be filled – after all a void always looks to be filled – and that something better could fill it (for more details refer to previous post, just to make sure you’ve been reading).

And therefore this line of reasoning has actually been developed over the course of the past two years. The reason for my breakup can simply be traced back to the fact that well at that time I think I outgrew my infatuation. And I guess for months it was more the enjoyment of freedom (sorry Julie, hehe) that held me back from pursuing another relationship, rather than the reason developed in the previous post. But God has shown me a better path, for now.

So uh yes, the speculation may have been fun and all, but I hope this quashes some of that, being the spoilsport that I am.


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