The world and ‘me’

Imagine a world where the norm was:

  • For people to be aversed to slim people – not obsessed with being thin
  • To be honest in everything in you did
  • To be considerate, and not cut the queue just to get your food first
  • To not get a girlfriend until you were old enough to marry
  • To not do anything your parents would disapprove of
  • To not smoke or drink – where the drinking person gets drunk
  • To not vent our anger when we felt like it

And the list would go on if I had time to think about it.

But really, what kind of world would that be?

Today, everything seems to be about ‘me’. How do I look? How can I exploit this situation to my own benefit? I want to be first. I want to please myself – doesn’t matter what my parents think. Even Apple calls their music player an iPod. We have that MeGo thing on MSN, whatever it is.

So try this out.

Tomorrow, adopt a ‘you’ attitude rather than a ‘me’ attitude.

And see what happens.


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