The Art of Conversation by Weng Yew

“Question, unless asked.” – quote taken from Weng Yew’s Art of Conversation

Next time you’re in a conversation, pay close attention to the topic.

Because you’ll be amazed how random conversations can jump from topic to topic in the blink of an eye, or rather in the “uttering of the tongue”.

In the meantime, (also because I’m rather busy with the temporary shift), I shall leave you with more ‘wisdom’ quotes.

“Gossip is noise”

“Conversation is a curious thing. For something so vocal, it is rather more physically expressive.”

“The tongue reflects what is in the heart. Blabberers thus have blab in their heart.”

“Does empty talk reveal an empty mind? Or a mind full of emptiness?”

“Speeches do not involve spit, or they would be called spitches”


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