Finally: Really

Ok. The Saturday online moment turned out to be a blip.

I went out for dinner, came back and my connection was dead.

I called TM on Sunday evening and they weren’t too sure why it happened, except my report was still marked “In Progress”. He also assures me it will be fixed by Tuesday.

Great. I call them again on Monday, because I have to get my visa application done ASAP. And then I ask them what happened on Saturday. Seems that they fixed it ‘accidentally’. They say it’ll be fixed by Tuesday.

Then I come home on Tuesday and my connection is still dead. So I call them and they say tomorrow. So I end up telling them off for lying, and pressing through my point and demanding they send the technician over on the day itself to fix my thing. The flustered person – I felt really sorry for him at this point – suddenly stopped talking.

And I get hung up on.


So I call again. This time a LADY picks up and tells me to hold while she checks my report. The repetitive jingle on hold plays and then suddenly i hear two phone beeps and a GUY picks up. Either the woman just turned into a guy or I obviously got transferred. Turned out it was the billing department – I had originally called the technical assistance department. So I ask for the transfer back and another lady talks to me. I flustered this one quite badly too and she said I’ll try to get it done for you by tomorrow.

I: NO. Today.
She: Sorry but I’m not sure whether I can guarantee that.
I: I’m not asking you to guarantee it. Your company already told me Tuesday. So you’re really just doing what you said you would do two days ago.
She: Alright I understand what you mean…(and she goes on about something irrelevant)
I: So you’ll send over someone later today right? Thank you.
She: Oh sorry but I can’t guarantee…
I: Yes. Yes. You told me that already and I’m telling you send your person over here now. You guys don’t seem to be taking me seriously. Are you breaking your agreement here?
She: But…

I think the conversation becomes really repetitive after that. But she ends saying that she’ll try her best and I apologise to her for putting her through so much of my hassle, not that I think she understood what I was trying to say.

The guy doesnt come but i get a call today in school. And the guy says he had reset my port.

Ahhh. Fantastic… Didn’t I tell them to do that about a week ago?

Bryan, you’re a genius. It was a port problem. TM, hire better technicians – unless they were really mucking with me and not looking into the problem at all.

Anyways, I have to go get my Visa application done.

So yes, I am finally back.

Fingers crossed, this had better not be another blip…


One response to “Finally: Really

  1. Oh me oh my…
    streamyx ripping us for paying Rm 88 for such hassle. They should be embarrassed with Broadband suppliers overseas like Jetstream Xtra in New Zealand. They offer 1.5mpbs and yet only need to pay the standard package monthly for NZ$ 39. As in for RM88.

    Mahal-lah and also malu-lah.

    come on tmnet, Rm88 for 2.0 mpbs is worthy

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