Curious things.

Have you ever wondered about music and its uniqueness?

That if you broke music down on a scientific level, you just get frequencies and amplitudes.

Yet for some reason that concoction of sound interests us. It stirs us. It amazes us. It fills us. It moves us.

How many have watched a horror movie on mute? Not very scary is it. The movie soundtrack is what sets your heart beating. I realised that if you realise what the music is doing to you, you’re usually not afraid of what pops up.

The same goes for any other movies. An action movie will almost indefinitely require an adrenalin packed soundtrack with lots of bass beats. One of those sad-want-to-make-you-cry movies will have a touching piece being played at the sad moments. Serious moments get defined by serious music. Jolly moments often play out through jolly sounding tracks.

There is music to soothe, music to excite, music to touch, music to work up, music to arouse e.t.c.

How many have unconsciously sung along to an unknow yet catchy tune?

How many of you have a song going through your head right now the moment you read this post?

In fact, how many are listening to your music players now?

Ahh. Fascinating isn’t it?

And sometimes in a song, you get so wrapped up in the music that you find yourself unconsciously mouthing the lyrics.

Honestly, how many have looked at the lyrics they are singing?

(Seriously, on a side note, I think Justin Timberlake has some issues regarding his music. Who calls his album “Future Sex Love Sounds”?)

Some of you might be offended but i think there’s a lot of trash out there disguised in amazing music.


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