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Passion: Chapter Three – Day 3

Well, we went to Universal yesterday.

Had a great time there on all the rides, especially the rollercoasters. Although Matt got sick and threw up by the time night came along, after Shrek. Lol.

And it was great considering we could cut to the front of the queue – can’t say why. So there was really no waiting time and we managed to ride all the rides in one day.

Anyways, we’re heading out to Disney today. No such luck with the tickets so we’re going to have to get stuck in the long queues, especially being a Saturday today, it’s going to be longgggg…


Passion: Chapter Two – Orlando, Florida

Well. I’ve finally reached.

Yesterday actually.

But I just found the time to post today.

Anyways, after leaving Korea, we sat on an 11-hour flight. And as part of my plan to escape jet-lag, I stayed awake watching several movies. I think I watched something like 5 movies.

Then we reached LA. And the immigration queue was long. Longgggggggggggggggggggggggg.

We had two hours to catch a connecting flight. We escaped immigration after an hour. We took an extra 15 minutes to get through customs. And then a long run to the Delta terminal to catch our connecting flight. Problem was the flight had closed off because we had arrived after 45 minutes before the flight. So we could not get our boarding passes. But we had checked in our luggage. SO it was on its way to orlando without us.

Bleargh. Next flight – 10.44 pm.

Current time – 10.44 am

Yep. 12 hour wait at LAX. The longest time of my life. Cushions weren’t even fit to sleep on, unlike korea. So it was torture.

But eventually the 12 hours were up and we got on our domestic flight to orlando.

Then I broke yet another record. Sitting in the longest taxi ever. I had no watch but I think it was 45 minutes or something.

Yet we did eventually reach Orlando to much relief. Got picked up from the airport – we didn’t have to wait for our luggage seeing it was already in storage having arrived 12 hours earlier.

And thus we arrived at Matt’s grandma’s place, with breakfast ready. Had quite a meal before leaving to go round town on a drive. Went around to see a short insight into his life here in America. Had a great lunch at a BBQ joint. And then we went fishing. Well actually Matt and his friends went fishing – me and Tim stood around watching and dozing off slightly. Got quite a good dose of the outdoors.

Got back to his grandma’s place for dinner with his extended family and then I conked out early, at 8.30 i think.

Woke up this morning at 7. Just had breakfast and now we’re planning the rest of the day.

That’s all from me.

Passion: Chapter One – Live from Korea

Ok. the shift key is a bit messed up here. so i’m going to have to type in small letters.

anyways, reached korea 5 hours ago. slept at the gate for about 3 hours. and just had lunch.

had quite an adventure checking in at klia though.

i didn’t bring my middle passport and they couldn’t trace my childhood visa to my current passport. so my bro had to speed home and back in order to bring it to me.


anyways, my flight is leaving in 2 hours. and i have 22 minutes left on my internet connection here.

i don’t think i have anything more to say

will post when i reach orlando

next stop: LA.

let’s hope immigration doesn’t cause us any trouble there

Christmas: A Tale of Hope, Part I

In the Christian calendar, we have two very special dates. One is Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus, and the other is Easter Sunday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Of course we do have Good Friday, where we remember the crucifixion of Jesus. But generally, I mean two significant periods, one detailing the death and resurrection, and the other the birth of Jesus.

It’s been 2000+ years since the first Christmas. If we take the birth year of Jesus to be roughly 6/5 B.C, then it has been 2012/2011 years.

And in that time, the embodiment of Christmas has undergone a radical transformation.

But first, the historical origins of Christmas. I did some brief research regarding this issue. And I got quite a bit of interesting material. For those who have read the Da Vinci Code, or was it Angels and Demons? – can’t quite remember, there’s a mention there regarding Christmas originating from a pagan festival, and how early Christianity incorporated early culture, and all that nonsense, which then spins a web of lies about how Christianity is nothing more than a myth, blah blah blah.

Well. I have not been able to ascertain whether that is true. But most historians seem to agree that while the year of the birth of Jesus has been roughly pinpointed, the actual date of Jesus’ birth was not discussed until the fourth century. Some believe he was born in the spring, some in late summer/early autumn, some Jewish Christians claim it is March 25, 33 years to the date he died, and so on so forth.

But when it comes down to it, whether Christmas is really the accurate date of birth of Jesus or not, it is a symbolic event of the birth of Jesus. In other words, it sets aside a date, a period, where we can gather to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour 2000 years ago. After all, while we might debate about the actual dates, or the controversial origins of Christmas, there is no grounds to doubt that at some point in our history, God became man and dwelled with us.

Emmanuel. God with us.

Today, the world, through crass commercialisation, has distorted the true meaning of Christmas. It’s about presents. If you’re nice, Santa will give you what you want. If you’re naughty, Santa will send his evil sidekick to scare you/or give you coal – depends which side of the story you lie. Of course, we have those feel good movies, that Christmas is a time for the family to build stronger and deeper relationships, a value which I wholly endorse, but this good intent has shrouded the true meaning of Christmas. And for some, Christmas is just yet another holiday.

It’s a sad sad fact, that something as beautiful as this point in time, when God fulfilled His promise of sending His people a messiah who would deliver them, has been warped by worldly influences. Even the meaningful Christmas carols such as Joy to the World, or Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, have been reduced to mere Christmas jingles. So much so that it has lost much of its original meaning and significance.

The focus of Christmas is Jesus, Greek for “The Lord saves”. It is a new beginning.

I think I’ll conclude this first part with this quote:

“The beginning is the end is the beginning”.

Lol. That confounded me when I read it the first time. Wrap your head around that phrase for a few hours. And that concludes the first part of my weekend post.

A new record

One post a day seems quite hard to maintain when there are those days you are too tired to think.

Hm. In light of that fact, I’m adopting a new format. I’ll post 2 part posts every weekend, and post a minimum of two posts every alternating day. If I’m feeling quite creative then expect the posting to increase.

I expect this new format to be temporary while I regain my full creative powers over Christmas.

As for now, this is it.

My shortest post ever.

The irony of sleeping late

First of all I have to say it’s pretty ironic that this post came around because of my decision to sleep at that time yesterday.

Anyways, it seems that the body is a funny thing.

Anyone who sleeps late and wakes up early the next day would naturally feel tired.

The irony is that, for me, if I sleep late really late, then I don’t feel quite so tired the next day. But if I sleep late too early then I’m more or less dead the next morning.

For example, I discovered that sleeping past midnight, while definitely unhealthy, left me pretty much wide awake the next morning in school. In stark contrast, when I decided to go to bed at 11, I was dead tired the next morning.

Of course I logically concluded that perhaps there was another underlying trend. Perhaps my lack of sleep the previous days had caught up with me.

Doubt it. I read somewhere that you can’t ‘transfer’ sleep. But I guess the best reason for this behaviour is that when levels of sleep drop really low, my body compensates by going hyperactive, almost sustaining itself on self-created caffeine. Which is probably bad for my health.

Anyways, after all that rambling, the moral of the story would be to sleep early. After all, I read that not having enough sleep leads to poorer memory functions, obesity, poor attention span, e.t.c.


Haha. Feeling a bit tired. So not much going through my head at the moment.

Anyways, this feels a bit superficial, trying to maintain my one post a day with this random mumbo-jumbo.

But let’s see what I can sift out of my brain.

Christmas is coming.

And I don’t seem to feel the Christmas spirit yet.

I feel so unenthused.

What is the real meaning of Christmas – to me?

Going to have to think about that one. So expect something on that in the next week or so.

Outside of that, I have US applications wandering through my head. Haha. I have to think of how to write an essay as to reveal something about me. Perhaps that’s why so much of my blogging creativity is being diverted.

Well enough mumbo jumbo from me. I need my sleep now.