Woke up today with a fever and an ache. So much for not falling sick.

And since I’m feeling quite sick, my thought process is very much hampered.

The “bleargh” feeling…

But here’s my thought of the day…


Is it possible to think about nothing?

It’s quite an impossible concept to grasp. But I managed it somewhat today, until now of course. And the key is to be so caught up in routine or something else that you have no time to think.

Of course when I use the word ‘think’, I refer to meaningful thought, not thinking about whether to use the bathroom or eat first.

But today felt like such a waste. I felt like I’ve been in a stupor. I’ve been mentally numb, and as a result have been incapable of starting work.

How do you get started on days like these? It just feels so bleargh.

And then I realised: It’s not uncommon for people to wake up some days and just feel this way.

If we fail to find meaning and purpose in our lives, we’re in for a very sad existence indeed.

And since “existence” and “nothing” seem to me to be the opposite sides of the same coin, well the only way you end up thinking about nothing is when you forget about your existence.

When we get so busy or fall sick, such illness clouds our perspective. And when our perspective only focuses on the short term, it’s hard to shrug off such illnesses, because they do precisely that – cloud the short term.

Take the eternal perspective I say.

Haha. This makes it a record. Two philosophical statements in two straight days. Dumb ‘blearghness’.

Time to get to work. But first I must sleep. I really need to get well soon. Urgh.


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