Clarity. Finally.


My mind seems to be functioning properly again.

Well, seems that I have a math progress test tomorrow.

For the first time, math bothers me. Bleargh.

Because at the moment I have no idea how to do anything regarding momentum and impulse, and circular motion, and simple harmonic motion. Oh, and reduction formulae.

I guess that’s what I get for not bothering to do enough practice questions.

Oh well, on the bright side at least statistics is a piece of cake, and so’s the rest of pure.

Anyways, it’s 5 December 2006. 8 more days of school left. 20 days to Christmas. And 27 days to Passion!


And my thought of the day:

If everyone made a resolution to never go to Alex’s Million Dollar Homepage, well, he won’t have a million dollars. It’s the most nonsense thing I’ve ever heard. Why do people go there? Really. As if we never have enough of pop up ads, we go to a page full of the very adverts we want to avoid.

And he has a new scheme, to make a 2 million dollar homepage. Well he calls it Pixelotto. He charges $2 for every pixel. Takes $1 million for himself, and the other $1 million will go to some lucky person who visits the site. Of course, this is pre-tax revenue.

Let’s use a bit of economics here. Do we all want to have a chance – a very miniscule one at that – of winning the $1 million, before tax? Or will we derive more satisfaction of denying Alex his $1 million by not going to his page at all after weighing it up against our slim odds of winning the $1 million? I mean the boy decides that he has enough of school, and embarks on all these hairbrain schemes of his, which really just exploits the greed and/or ignorance of everyone else, and makes money.

From something he should not even be earning a cent!

I think I’m going to start a movement here.

“Send Alex back to school!”

Nottingham University precisely.

Spread the word peopleeee. Hahaha.

Umm. Yeahhhh. Alright. Should be getting back to my math revision now.


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