A millennium milestone

This blog was started on October 09 2006, just two months ago.

And now I shall be hitting my 1000th official visitor on the official counter.

Which is actually set such that it records the number of unique visitors every 12 hours.

So anyways, at the time of this posting, it’s 999 visitors.

Are you the 1000th?


2 responses to “A millennium milestone

  1. it doesnt count when you refresh your browser – hence you’re probably visitor 500-600 , 650-710.. NHAHAHA

  2. Very funny.

    It does, bodoh.

    Your counter runs on a cookie. And since my cookies are enabled, I’m not the one wrecking up the numbers. And since most people probably only visit once per day, and I doubt everyone has their cookies disabled, it’s definitely unique visitors.

    And refreshing your browser just makes my page loads go up, not my visitor counter.

    Sorry andy, to blow your fantasy into nothingness.

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