I’m extremely sorry by my inability to complete tonight’s post, Part 2 of yesterday’s.

This is due to some miscalculation on my part regarding the time I would have.

Anyways, the post will go up tomorrow. No worries.

Then I might enter a slight hiatus, as I step up my progress in my US applications.

But that bit is in the uncertain future anyways.

And it seems that I might be conceding ground in the blogosphere competition arena. Due to the advent of webcam and digital video technology as well as the utilisation of YouTube hosting and distribution mechanics.

In this ‘MTV generation’, the power of video to conquer is a sad fact.

Don’t expect it here anytime soon, being the traditionalist dinosaur blogger that I am. And that I’m not planning to conform to ‘populist blog trends’. Until I find a revolutionary way to combine video with my tendency to be ‘intellectually-oriented’, a nicer way to phrase ‘heavy chunks’, posts.


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