The irony of sleeping late

First of all I have to say it’s pretty ironic that this post came around because of my decision to sleep at that time yesterday.

Anyways, it seems that the body is a funny thing.

Anyone who sleeps late and wakes up early the next day would naturally feel tired.

The irony is that, for me, if I sleep late really late, then I don’t feel quite so tired the next day. But if I sleep late too early then I’m more or less dead the next morning.

For example, I discovered that sleeping past midnight, while definitely unhealthy, left me pretty much wide awake the next morning in school. In stark contrast, when I decided to go to bed at 11, I was dead tired the next morning.

Of course I logically concluded that perhaps there was another underlying trend. Perhaps my lack of sleep the previous days had caught up with me.

Doubt it. I read somewhere that you can’t ‘transfer’ sleep. But I guess the best reason for this behaviour is that when levels of sleep drop really low, my body compensates by going hyperactive, almost sustaining itself on self-created caffeine. Which is probably bad for my health.

Anyways, after all that rambling, the moral of the story would be to sleep early. After all, I read that not having enough sleep leads to poorer memory functions, obesity, poor attention span, e.t.c.


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