Passion: Chapter One – Live from Korea

Ok. the shift key is a bit messed up here. so i’m going to have to type in small letters.

anyways, reached korea 5 hours ago. slept at the gate for about 3 hours. and just had lunch.

had quite an adventure checking in at klia though.

i didn’t bring my middle passport and they couldn’t trace my childhood visa to my current passport. so my bro had to speed home and back in order to bring it to me.


anyways, my flight is leaving in 2 hours. and i have 22 minutes left on my internet connection here.

i don’t think i have anything more to say

will post when i reach orlando

next stop: LA.

let’s hope immigration doesn’t cause us any trouble there


One response to “Passion: Chapter One – Live from Korea

  1. *gasp* so scary! luckily your brother could drive home to get it! Did you guys drive to KLIA or took the ERL? Have fun, boys!

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