Passion: Chapter Two – Orlando, Florida

Well. I’ve finally reached.

Yesterday actually.

But I just found the time to post today.

Anyways, after leaving Korea, we sat on an 11-hour flight. And as part of my plan to escape jet-lag, I stayed awake watching several movies. I think I watched something like 5 movies.

Then we reached LA. And the immigration queue was long. Longgggggggggggggggggggggggg.

We had two hours to catch a connecting flight. We escaped immigration after an hour. We took an extra 15 minutes to get through customs. And then a long run to the Delta terminal to catch our connecting flight. Problem was the flight had closed off because we had arrived after 45 minutes before the flight. So we could not get our boarding passes. But we had checked in our luggage. SO it was on its way to orlando without us.

Bleargh. Next flight – 10.44 pm.

Current time – 10.44 am

Yep. 12 hour wait at LAX. The longest time of my life. Cushions weren’t even fit to sleep on, unlike korea. So it was torture.

But eventually the 12 hours were up and we got on our domestic flight to orlando.

Then I broke yet another record. Sitting in the longest taxi ever. I had no watch but I think it was 45 minutes or something.

Yet we did eventually reach Orlando to much relief. Got picked up from the airport – we didn’t have to wait for our luggage seeing it was already in storage having arrived 12 hours earlier.

And thus we arrived at Matt’s grandma’s place, with breakfast ready. Had quite a meal before leaving to go round town on a drive. Went around to see a short insight into his life here in America. Had a great lunch at a BBQ joint. And then we went fishing. Well actually Matt and his friends went fishing – me and Tim stood around watching and dozing off slightly. Got quite a good dose of the outdoors.

Got back to his grandma’s place for dinner with his extended family and then I conked out early, at 8.30 i think.

Woke up this morning at 7. Just had breakfast and now we’re planning the rest of the day.

That’s all from me.


3 responses to “Passion: Chapter Two – Orlando, Florida

  1. hello. Sounds like you’re having a ball buddy. 45 mins in a cab ain’t that long. You’re just spoilt. haha. have a great trip buddy and take care. Merry Christmas belatedly, and happy new year in advance! Enjoy =)

  2. I meant taxi-ing on the runway.

  3. Oh ya. And belated Merry Christmas to you too. Haha.

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