Passion: Chapter Four – Goodbye Orlando

Well, it’s Day Four. Went to Disney yesterday and realised what a novelty it was to cut to the front of every queue in Universal. Ah well. Anyways went on a few rides, namely splash mountain and space mountain for those who have been there before. Quite nice but not as great as the Universal rides.

Stayed over at Sean’s place instead at night, cos Matt’s grandma – well their whole family are out for a relative’s wedding over New Year’s Eve. Before that we went to another of matt’s friends, Tom’s place for dinner.

I think I’ve gained a few kilos here in America. blearghh.

Got back to Sean’s place pretty late, eleven-ish. We enter the house and there’s an American football party going on. Anyways something pretty comical happened, cutting short their party. As to not disclose any names, person A was browsing through the channels, while the football game was being recorded on Tivo. Now the thing about Tivo, for those who do not know, is that Tivo records and allows pausing and playing only as long as the channel is in use. Anyways person A accidentally clicks OK and switches the channel. The biggest party crash I’ve seen in a long long time.

Woke up today at 6. We went to some breakfast joint to get some American breakfast. Bleargh. Starting to feel really unhealthy. Anyways we left to go to Matt’s church, which is pretty awesomely huge. HUGE. Met quite a few of his friends – was interesting to meet certain people. Saw one of his friends get baptised here. It was quite an experience, the service being different from the ones back home.

We then left for SeaWorld. The shows there are simply awesome. Saw the famous Shamu show, which was pretty breathtaking, saw one with two sealions performing and another musical with dolphins. The animals are trained to do pretty crazy and unbelievable stunts with their trainers. We also sat on another rollercoaster, namely the Kraken. Now for those of you who have been to Orlando and seen the Incredible Hulk in Islands of Adventure, this is just as awesome and even bigger in some places. It has the biggest drop to date on any rollercoaster I have ridden. Pretty crazy stuff.

Of course let’s take this time to remember the rollercoaster incident back home. Malaysian rollercoaster quality seems quite shoddy at this time.

But yeah that makes it my sixth, I think, rollercoaster in 3 days. I think I must be getting quite accustomed to them, cos each one seems less terrifying than the previous. Of course, I’m getting pretty jetlagged as well, so it could be that I’m just way too tired. I find the latter more likely.

Anyways I’ll be getting to bed now. First new year’s I’ll miss in a long time. But then I have to be up at 4am tmr. The bus leaves at 5.30 am sharp for Atlanta. So I need my sleep, real bad.


3 responses to “Passion: Chapter Four – Goodbye Orlando

  1. Hey Joel!

    Glad you’re having a blast. I am too, for now 😉 Have been emailing my parents everyday so much, haven’t had time to blog about everything I’ve seen in Paris. Btw, I went to Euro Disney. Hahaa.. yesterday, in fact. Got on a Space Mountain too. Eeeeeee, crazy stuff. Don’t know how you ever take things like that. My Uncle said they create rollercoasters because our lives aren’t lived dangerously yet. lol. Will post up about Paris soon! Watch out for it. Can’t wait to hear everything about Passion. Remember to get what you promised for me! 😉 Send my regards to Tim.


    PS: Did Tim actually go on the rides too? haha. 🙂

  2. Haha. Of course he did. Passion was great. But I’ll need more time to create the post. Maybe when I get back.

    And yeah they’re fun and exhilarating to get on. It’s all about faith Lydia. Lol.

  3. Hahaha.. then it’s good testing that I have faith pnly in God alone 😉

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