Passion: Chapter Six – Farewell America

Ahh. After 12 days in the US, we’re finally leaving for Malaysia.

It’s been a great 3 days. A family here took us in and they’ve been fantastic with the rooms and the food. Lol. Although I’ll probably be happy to get back to some Malaysian food as well.

Anyways, my flight is at 2145 on the -4GMT time zone although with daylight savings in place it’s -5GMT. I’ll be reaching back on Tuesday at 2220, I think, Malaysian time.

Looking back at the trip, I thank God for His countless blessings. So much so that I’ve only spent my money on small meals and lots of CDs and books. LOTS of CDs and books. Lol. I think it was 82USD on CDs and 80USD on books. Ah well. Oh ya. And a T-shirt or two. Forgot about that.

Well. Next time I post should be back in KL. I’ll be missing the first three days of my term, so fun fun fun. Haha.

That’s all. But with me you know there’s always another post just waiting round the corner.


One response to “Passion: Chapter Six – Farewell America

  1. hey… welcome back to malaysia! Eat the food for me 😛

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