Passion: The wrap up

Almost. Not quite.

Anyways, here’s what transpired in the longest journey back home.

For the sake of uniformity, I’ll use the time at the venue at which I’m writing about. But I’ll place Malaysian time in brackets.

Anyways, we were meant to leave Atlanta at Sunday 9.45pm (Monday 10.45am). Check-in took pretty long, what with the people admiring some colleagues engagement ring. Bleargh. Talk about inefficiency.

But the flight got delayed one hour, because of bad weather delaying the arrival of our pilots from Tampa. Not a good sign, given that we had two hours to catch a connecting flight, two hours now reduced to one hour, an hour within which to get our boarding passes.

Ahh. So we reach Vegas at Sunday 11.50 pm (Monday 2.50pm) and we have one hour to get to the next plane. They knew we arrived. And they didn’t hold the dumb plane. So we missed it. Especially with inefficiently designed American airports and what not with their terminals scattered all over the place. Spent the night at Vegas. And managed to reschedule, to fly to, of all places, eastward towards New York, before catching a connecting flight to Seoul. Urgh.

So we left Monday 12.50pm (Tuesday 3.50am) and arrived at New York Monday 8.30pm (Tuesday 9.30am) Great. Wait 4 hours and board flight Tuesday 12.50am (Tuesday 1.50pm). Then fly 15 hours to Seoul. Thankfully this journey wasn’t that long, considering I slept solidly for the first 8/9 hours of the plane ride.

So we get into Seoul at Wednesday 5.50am (Wednesday 4.50 am). Next flight was meant to be at Wednesday 4.50pm out of Seoul to Kuala Lumpur. But we managed to locate our luggage, which was going out on an earlier MAS flight. Brilliant. So we managed to persuade Delta to waive our penalty charge and get a seat on that plane to KL, leaving 11.50am. We got the tickets at 10.45am, and dashed for the gate. Lol.

And so we finally arrived back in KL at Wednesday 7.30pm, after stopping for an hour in Kota Kinabalu.

Boy. What a journey. 60 hours without a shower, without proper rest and without a proper meal. It is not fun to be stranded. What was meant to be a 36 hour journey, arriving home on Tuesday, at 2220, was delayed one day (well almost). *shudder*

Anyways, the stream is up on the passion site again at for those who
want to view what it was like. It’s up until Friday midnight. Lol. Only found out today. Ahh well. It’s American time anyways I assume.

And as for the wrap up. It has been an amazing trip.


Were you expecting some long summary?

Too tired to do that. Haha. There was just so much, you can only describe it as amazing.


Haha. I think my brains have partly turned to mush. Hopefully my school knowledge is still there somewhere. Lol.

Will be back in school tomorrow, after an extended holiday of nearly a week, taking my Christmas break to a month. Schoolwork should not be much of a problem

And it appears my Cambridge letter has arrived. Well, is meant to have arrived. I haven’t got it yet. Eagerly waiting for that.

Until then, I shall be getting off this computer.


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