The Philosophy of Weng: The Basic Question

Firstly, the truest definition of philosophy, in my opinion:

Philosophy is “a scientific quest to discover ultimate reality”.

The next question is of course: What is this ‘ultimate reality’?

That’s would be a hard question, unless we believe one thing. That reality is defined by what is true. And logically, ultimate reality will be defined by what is ultimate truth.

Now that’s an interesting statement to wrap one’s head around, isn’t it?

Think about it for a minute. Does truth define reality? That what is really really real, and not an illusion disguised as reality, also truly truly true?

Assuming that you agree with that statement, and we equate truth with reality, then what do we equate truth with?

At this point, some of you may have recalled me writing a post about this sometime back. I’ll post the link here, because there are many ideas there that will be reiterated and referred to, which I’ll incorporate into this series of posts

What ought to be and what is

Take the time to read the above post. There are two things which I wish to emphasise. The first is of course the issue of “What is truth?”, the answer to which is God Himself, as testified in the Bible. The second is the issue of how this view of truth has been distorted by the many worldly lies, the biggest one of which is that there is no God or that He is irrelevant, and as such has led to such a divergence of morality and ethics, that the world today is become ever more fallen in sin.

Now, following from that there will be several things which I’ll have to try to address. The first is the authority of the Bible. As much of my argument will be taken from there, I will have to prove that the Bible is indeed the infallible Word of God. And trust me, I will.

The second is this notion of sin, which ties in to the larger topic of man, and his purpose in this world.

And I’ll end with the basic question:

What is the purpose of life?

It is this basic question that I will start off with, and attempt to come back to in my conclusion. In the meantime continue to tell me what you would like to know about. And I will like to give credit to where credit is due.

A majority of the worldview I now possess I credit to The Truth Project, a DVD series regarding the biblical worldview, which has transformed the way I perceived life in general. In addition, I would also like to credit several books which I have read, and am reading along the way, the specific authors and titles of which I will mention as I bring up points in this series.

Finally, all of the credit ultimately goes to God and the transformational power of not only His word, but His very nature, who has given me whatever wisdom I possess in attempting to tackle all these issues.


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