Sleepless in KL

*warning* the following post may contain graphic descriptions. Reader discretion is adviced. *warning*


The very word just sounds really phlegmy.

Haha. The wonders of the English language.

I’ve spent the second week of the Easter break pretty sick, for the first three days. And then there comes all that lingering phlegm. Which just wakes you up at night so you can sip some water and clear your respiratory channels because the phlegm moves up into your nose. After all phlegm, mucus, nose boogies are all the same thing, just in different parts of the body and all that technical stuff. So anyways when morning comes, there are a bunch of tissues with green semi-solid substances in it, which have migrated from my throat up my nose down onto the tissue. And it’s a pretty distracting migration.

So yeah the previous night are kind of sleepless because I end up waking up a lot. I think this is really slowing down my recovery as a result.

Ahh well….

On another note, because I tend to like my posts to be more educational, I’ll talk on a subject close to my heart.

I mean that pretty literally, since it’s in fact right next to me.


Computer games.

Now, I’ll place myself in the category of a person that loves the following type of game: all Command and Conquer games (I have to get myself the third one soon – looks sooooo good, but i digress); building games, because at heart I love planning and building stuff and seeing the money roll in and things grow etc etc; role playing games although lately there’s been a dearth of ones i like. I kinda hate the long convoluted adventures where you get lost without a walkthrough and requires so much walking in jungles and dungeons and stuff. Give me a quick story to blast through. Best RPG I’ve ever played? An oldie, the Fallout series. Although apparently Fallout 3 is in the works, under the production of the creators of ElderScrolls – should be good. Then there are the odd game or two i enjoy once in a while, like Civilisation IV, and other real time strategy games like warhammer and thing like that. Oh and don’t forget the FIFA series, which I’m pretty good at albeit a bit rusty.

And I didn’t forget first person shooters, because i personally dislike them. They’re nice to play multiplayer. But I just don’t like the gameplay. It’s way too brainless. Puzzles are just there as eye candy for whatever new physics engine they’ve created. Most of you will disagree. I will agree to disagree.

But anyways, here’s the game that bothers me.

Grand Theft Auto.

Mmm. One of the first games to make the leap from 2D to 3D. I have to say when GTA3 was released, I went ooh-ahh over the whole gameplay, which was just really cool.

Then of course the series starts evolving. GTA3 was clean. Very clean. Especially when compared to GTA: San Andreas. Now that last one, I hated. All the vulgarity, the blatant criminality.

Wait a minute, that’s what GTA is at heart – a game where you are a criminal. (Getting into a police car and playing vigilante still makes you a criminal, which explains why the police are always after Batman in that whole universe, which is pretty ironic considering that without Batman, they’re a pretty impotent force)

So anyways people who read the news, even just gaming news will know that (eventhough this is old news), that GTA has sparked a whole bunch of controversy. Issues like: does the game glorify violence and sex and all that? etc. And in turn what effect is it having on the kids of this generation? Mmmm. Very deep questions.

I have to say that computer games are my one weakness. I easily succumb to addiction, if the game is really good. (dumb command and conquer and city building game developers) Anyways the point which I’m trying to consider is this:

I know these kind of games are bad, especially games like GTA. But at the same time the gameplay’s just so engrossing. But here’s how I quit that series for good.

When I was playing the vice city version (which wasn’t that derogatory yet), my then 7 year old cousin comes over and I’m driving this really fast car speeding down the highway and my cousin LOVES racing games. So I thought, ahh this game is pretty harmless, let him get in the car, let me turn on the invulnerability cheat and let him crash and bang and drive all he wants.

Now fast forward one year later, and San Andreas gets released. The covers look virtually similar to a kid that young. San Andreas is definitely deserving of its mature rating, although it pushes me to question whether having to resort to use of much vulgarity and other indecencies is actually a mature thing to start with – it’s more of an immature maturity (a phrase which makes no sense).

SO anyways he pesters me to want to play it, and I think the elements in this game are just so horrible, I hide the game and blatantly lie to his face that I forgot to delete the shortcut on the desktop. (I uninstalled the game later that day)

Because we should never expose kids to this sort of thing.

Sure people say it’s the real world. Stop protecting them

Well, here’s the newsflash, it’s actually not the real world. It’s a MTV culture. There was a news article that day, with the owner of MTV saying they control the teenagers of this generation. The only reason why the culture is the way it is today is because people say that’s how it has always been, when in the first place it has never always been like this, but because of ignorant persistence we assume the culture is as such, i.e. culture is what culture says.

Haha. That’s a chunky statement to digest but the moral of the story is this.

Make a stand. Let’s chuck out all the undesirable elements and transform the deteriorating morality of today’s culture. Because culture is what culture says, say something different.

Say something morally right.

(This post is long enough already. So I have to refrain from delving into the spiritual elements of such an issue. And of course the whole issue could span pages and pages. So I’ve just written what’s on my mind and quickly jump from intro to conclusion. The processing bits have to be left out.)


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