Thirty three (33)

For some reason, my printer screen is in German. Well, at least I think it’s German. Mmm. Still trying to discover where the language settings are.

Anyways, 33 is the number of days to go before school is finished.


Although there are exams.

But it’s school that I dislike.

The many things I dislike about school include: the really tedious homework, the early hours, the sometimes boring lessons which are of no benefit, lousy canteen food that is the main cause of my malnutrition – you’re better off starving in this respect

The many more things I like about school: accounting classes – I am one big distraction, further math classes – another distraction, people in school, the times when I’m not feeling sleepy

But overall the hours and the boredom kind of tip the scale in favour of me disliking school.

Anyways enough of my school gripe.

I currently have no interesting thoughts of the day. Kinda. I do have this thought i came up with but it slipped my mind. Also, I’m currently wondering how I (and am pretty sure other people do this as well) seem to waste the hours away in front of the computer doing nothing and mucking around. It’s seriously unproductive and yet time just flies when you’re doing nothing.

It’s a mystery. Attempting to figure out how the time is actually used.


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