The weekend is out

The weekend is coming to an end.

I could also say the week is coming to an end, i.e. it is the end of the week, therefore it is the end of the weekend.

Then we have the people who will argue that Sunday is the first day of the week, although that is indeed what our calendars try to impress upon us – as you can see, it starts with a red S, not a M.

Mmm. Ramble time over.

It was a nice weekend. Youth group at church watched Luther. That was a pretty interesting movie. Just wondered whether the real Luther was as eloquent in his speech as he was in his writing. But the movie was quite inspirational in a sense. One of the modern heroes of the faith.

Wanted to watch Spiderman 3, but the queues are horrible. Which remind me of a newspaper article where kids were crying because they couldn’t watch the movie as they couldn’t get tickets. Moral of the story: reserve in advance.

I’ve always liked the weekends. Being with my church family and all is very refreshing, when you are among like minded people, pursuing the same passions.

And speaking of that, school is over in two weeks. Maybe I’ll come to miss the weekdays too.

Book I’m currently reading: When I Don’t Desire God: How to Fight for Joy. A must read. After reading the book before that: Desiring God. Both are by John Piper. I blame/thank Matt for his influence in this regard.

I’m not quite in the frame of mind (nor do i have the time) for a philosophical post. So I think I’ll go to bed now. Currently trying to get into the habit of waking up early. Devotion times in the morning are highly recommended but I’m always just too tired – I’m the kind of person who falls into the category of “I can stay up but I can’t wake up”.

As for summer plans – yep I’m already thinking about summer – there are a few things on my agenda. After Kinabalu – the weeks before that will be spent getting into a bit of shape and finishing my driving – I’m planning to do something constructive. Not sure what that will be yet. Maybe learn a skill in who knows what. I also have to wrap up a few unfinished things, such as certain videos for those of you who kinda know what I’m referring to. And then who knows from there? Would also be a good time to read all the books on that recommended list for Cambridge. Bleargh. Quite an exhaustive list. Lol. Hope they’re interesting.

I’ve finished the Command and Conquer 3 campaign. Pretty enjoyable game. Although it’s distracted me from my studies. I highly recommend it, although it must be said I’m at heart a C&C fan. I’m also pretty thankful that the football season wraps up on May 19th, before the exams, so that’s one less distraction – although i was looking forward to proving the Ellis Football-ExamGrades correlation wrong.

And finally, to wrap up my ramble. I know i did say end of ramble at the start, but how was i to anticipate that this post would end up with more ramble. And since we’re on the subject of anticipation, I’m looking forward to Remedy. Hahaha. Should be a fantastic album.


One response to “The weekend is out

  1. spiderman 3 was really lousy. i guess you only watch it for the action scenes but at times the scenes was just illogical, and it did not flow at all; almost ‘cut-and-paste’-esque. Can’t believe i wasted 6pounds and 3hours of my life on it.

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