Not another one already??

As quoted by Ben Bradley.

Mmm. Here comes the overdue breakdown of Utd’s season so far. Watched them got dumped out of the CL. Was quite resigned to the defeat, seeing as how Milan played a fantastic game. Ahh. To imagine a trio of Kaka, Ronaldo and Rooney – makes you want to drool. That is if they play for ManU. And the rain kinda added to the drama of everything.

There have been a few ups and downs in the premiership run in, but I can safely say I was confident we would win the title that weekend. Thus when Vassell stepped up to take that penalty, I had the gut feeling he would miss. Destiny awaited.

And the FA Cup’s coming up. Lol. It would be fun to crush Chelsea’s miserable season. But the problem with that is the harder they fall, the harder they bounce back. So there’s a danger there.

And my predictions as to who the transfer targets are? I have no clue to be honest. But I would like: Hargreaves, E’too and Robben. Then we’ll truly rip apart defenses. Only problem is that these three have not had the best fitness records in recent times. And that raises the question of where does Giggs and Scholes go? Will Ferguson let loose the brutal axe? Doubt it, not with the way they can change games. And maybe a right back would be good. Neville’s not going to last much longer.

Football aside, I can’t believe that as of this writing, I only have 6 school days left in my whole life. Haha. Of course there’s the revision for the exams, but still. Lol. With regards to that, I would still like a Sloman.

Again as you can see, this post is degenerating into mumbo-jumbo. So here’s something for everyone to think about. This topic came up in my math class the other day. When we grow older, let’s say 30 years from now, will our kids look at us the way we look at our parents and claim how ‘outdated’ we are? – of course this doesn’t apply to all parents.

My opinion was no. We grew up in the age of technological exploration and as such have the skill sets to adapt to changing technologies. Before I went on to say that the generations below us are now in fact spoon fed on how to do stuff. Lol. I wonder how true that comment is. Then we went to the topic of music. This one has my interests quite piqued actually. Our parents usually label our music today as noisy, but that’s because instruments like the electric guitar and drums weren’t played the way they are played today, especially with the countless pedals being produced nowadays for electric guitarists. My opinion is that music has reached its zenith, where it becomes near impossible for new genre’s to be produced. We’ll see blending happening and consumer’s tastes being divided into many different blends, with no one blend achieving dominance over the other unless a certain band or two become extremely popular.

Mmm. I should keep this blog running for another 30 years and see what really happens.


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