The end – not quite but nearly there

So school ended on Friday. It was quite a riot. Crowded corridors, balloons everywhere, and people chasing and being chased around. Quite an apt ending to years and years of school.

And well here I am. Well there I was. Actually both apply. Anyways, I was looking forward to better hours but I guess the consensus is that everyone will miss the spontaneity of school. The really random things that happen that makes life interesting. Especially further math sessions and the random chats, and attempts to avoid the lesson and go out for lunch, and the really random constructive vandalism of the room we’re in.

I most definitely will not miss the canteen. I will not miss the homework. If someone misses them, like BB, I will laugh in his face.

Um yeah quite random that. There’s also the fact that I think my arms will finally be stain free every Tuesday and/or Wednesday. And I wouldn’t be so bruised by the random limb extensions of a certain trio.

It is little things like this that I will always remember. Although I don’t think Andy would be flattered that every marker pen reminds me of those econs lessons sitting right next to him. But the big things like friends are still around, so here was the question I was thinking about. Is it school that I will miss, or is it the fact that you meet your friends everyday that I will miss?

Irrespective, haha, here’s to a good 7 years of post-primary school education. Now just for those pesky exams. They better not try to be smart with the papers this year, especially those further math examiners.


One response to “The end – not quite but nearly there


    and i do take pleasure in my art work (on your arm). get facebook so we can keep in touch and BE HAPPY.


    and you can expect to be called for football this summer. or else. i will. er. i don’tEH know.

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