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Who says pleasure and pain dont mix?

I am nursing an extremely bruised (the part below your knee that isn’t quite your shin yet – unless the shin is in fact that whole part between your knee and ankle and not just the lower part where shinpads go – I won’t know, I don’t do biology).

Haha. It’s been a long time since I got knocked up like that.

Here’s another question that popped up in my mind also while playing futsal today – why do I always suffer from leg cramps during futsal but when I play basketball, I can do it for 3 hours straight without any problem? (welll straight is an exaggeration, insert 5/7 minute breaks here and there, but not too often)

Then you got all that about stretching more and blah blah blah.

And I think after today, it’s safe to say that the goalkeeping position is probably the most dangerous one in football. Balls flying at you ain’t fun. Haha. Especially when one smacks you right in the chest before the game even starts. And plus the fact that the bruising came when I ran out to make a challenge. By the way disclaimer straight away right here: I’m a horrible goalkeeper.

Which leads to a second question: How many people assume that basketballers make good goalkeepers and why? Just because we can handle a size 8 ball that doesn’t swerve and has better grip doesn’t automatically translate into a size 6 ball that has smooth sides and travels much much faster. Haha. Except that I don’t mind playing it every now and then, when I need a break. (Although again my leg cramp attacked me when I was playing goalie – tis a cursed position)

Oh ya. And a really funny observation. Well, whether anyone else finds it funny is another matter. I noticed that how many people in goal (me included) always try to avoid a ball that comes really really fast (which equates with power which then equates with pain) at them. So I figured, that means we all know where the ball is really going and the only thing is is that we choose to not be in the path of that ball, and then the funny thing is is that goalies are meant to be in the path of that ball.

Lol. Football rant. Blame it on my bruising. Now I shall uh shift my attention to the title of my post at hand. And well, my rant wasn’t quite a rant. There was sort of a point. Notice how I can complain about the pain, i.e. the bruising and the cramps, but if you asked me whether I enjoyed it, then yeah. So it’s the same thing with ‘religion’ isn’t it? People always think that life with God on your side is a bed of roses, and then stop believing when reality begins to contradict that belief.

So my answer is: Who says pleasure and pain don’t mix? (haha, I believe this is the first time I’ve used a title in my actual post itself) And the thing is at the end, all you remember is the pleasure. The pain goes away in due course. So life is like that. Pain and pleasure, like ham and eggs, or bread and butter, or chicken rice, or whatever pair you want, will coexist in this life. But the best thing about it is that some pleasures are worth the pain.

Especially when the object of your pleasure is the most pleasurable thing in the universe. The question then becomes: Is it really?

Another disclaimer: That was a pretty simplified view of things. And I don’t claim to cover all the angles with that. There are exceptions that arise as a result of different circumstances, e.t.c. But the basic principle is there.


The disappointment of the moment

Hahaha. I thought this would feel a lot more liberating. But I think my mind went on holiday the moment my exams started. So having no school (and even exams) now seems to feel no different.

Well. Quite disappointing I must say.

Things to do: Get my driving done.

That is all at the moment. I’m planning to bum this whole week before I get down to do something useful for the rest of my holidays. And Kinabalu is coming up in two weeks so there’s not too much bumming around time between then and now from the looks of things.

Anyways, now that I’m free, I still can’t think of what to blog about. Sheesh. You probably wasted your time reading this thus far. (not that you don’t necessarily waste your time with all my other posts)

So yeah. Give me a few days to think it over.

Exams so far

Ahh. My important papers are finished. Bar one. But that one is a MCQ paper, so it shld be a piece of cake.

Mmm. Further math. First paper – should have done better. Second paper – not very good. Haha. Especially when you realise later what you should have done. Ah well. Will pray for my A, since I need it pretty badly. Bleargh..Didn’t help that I had to fall sick today as well.

Econs and history shld be no problem.

Anyways, yeah, this is a bit weird. Nearly having finished the exams. I would be a bit more relaxed if I had got a better Applied Further Math paper and/or not made the really dumb mistakes on my pure paper. That way I won’t be worried about the grade. Right now, I’m a bit nervous. And that’s for 2 months. Lol. I wonder if I can sleep this off. If not I’m in for 2 months of incredible tension.

Next week, 3 more papers on 2 more days.

And then I have to figure out what to do. Long holidays = lots of bumming around. But then the holidays may seem even longer if I’m still as worried about that grade.

I have not been in this kind of situation ever.

And ’tis horrible.

This was probably the most irrational post ever, due to the fact that that dumb paper is still on the back of my mind and so my thoughts are very incoherent at the moment.

FM Paper 1 = 82? + FM paper 2 = 70?, aggregate mark = 76% – is this a predicted A?. That’s the bottomline I’m looking at. Assumptions made: That I only dropped that many marks…Hehe. My margin of error is 12 which equals to one question. Not the best margin I would say.

Ahh. It’s times like these where you just have to trust God for the grade. Which would translate into whether I end up at Cambridge or be the idiot who missed the A and had to go off to LSE – not that the latter is shoddy, but the former is a lot more desirable.