Exams so far

Ahh. My important papers are finished. Bar one. But that one is a MCQ paper, so it shld be a piece of cake.

Mmm. Further math. First paper – should have done better. Second paper – not very good. Haha. Especially when you realise later what you should have done. Ah well. Will pray for my A, since I need it pretty badly. Bleargh..Didn’t help that I had to fall sick today as well.

Econs and history shld be no problem.

Anyways, yeah, this is a bit weird. Nearly having finished the exams. I would be a bit more relaxed if I had got a better Applied Further Math paper and/or not made the really dumb mistakes on my pure paper. That way I won’t be worried about the grade. Right now, I’m a bit nervous. And that’s for 2 months. Lol. I wonder if I can sleep this off. If not I’m in for 2 months of incredible tension.

Next week, 3 more papers on 2 more days.

And then I have to figure out what to do. Long holidays = lots of bumming around. But then the holidays may seem even longer if I’m still as worried about that grade.

I have not been in this kind of situation ever.

And ’tis horrible.

This was probably the most irrational post ever, due to the fact that that dumb paper is still on the back of my mind and so my thoughts are very incoherent at the moment.

FM Paper 1 = 82? + FM paper 2 = 70?, aggregate mark = 76% – is this a predicted A?. That’s the bottomline I’m looking at. Assumptions made: That I only dropped that many marks…Hehe. My margin of error is 12 which equals to one question. Not the best margin I would say.

Ahh. It’s times like these where you just have to trust God for the grade. Which would translate into whether I end up at Cambridge or be the idiot who missed the A and had to go off to LSE – not that the latter is shoddy, but the former is a lot more desirable.


One response to “Exams so far

  1. give yourself a break joel..i kinda figured you’d blog about it since you were kinda bothered bout it..i have total faith in you oh ye who enjoys freaky roller-coaster rides.lol

    p/s:by the way,if you’d have realised i didn’t use any short forms to complement your intelligence.haha

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