The disappointment of the moment

Hahaha. I thought this would feel a lot more liberating. But I think my mind went on holiday the moment my exams started. So having no school (and even exams) now seems to feel no different.

Well. Quite disappointing I must say.

Things to do: Get my driving done.

That is all at the moment. I’m planning to bum this whole week before I get down to do something useful for the rest of my holidays. And Kinabalu is coming up in two weeks so there’s not too much bumming around time between then and now from the looks of things.

Anyways, now that I’m free, I still can’t think of what to blog about. Sheesh. You probably wasted your time reading this thus far. (not that you don’t necessarily waste your time with all my other posts)

So yeah. Give me a few days to think it over.


One response to “The disappointment of the moment

  1. hey joel!

    wanna join us on our morning routine??
    Morning jog for your prep to dominate KK mountain.
    Interested? call me!

    Tues to Fri 7am-830am

    c’mon lazy bum!!

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