A recollection

First note the title change. Now, I have no clue why I picked that phrase but it just popped out. After all this blog is really my thoughts expressed in written form. I chose the word fleeting though because my thoughts have an annoying habit of running off just as I’m about to say or write them.

Mmm. Anyways, a little history.

I started off this blog as an experiment into why people write blogs and why people read blogs. My results are startling zilch. I can therefore hypothesise that people write blogs because there comes a time in their life when they are really bored and sitting in front of their computer and they go “Why not start a blog? It would give me something to do.”

Then there are those people who think it’s a fad and they sink into the “cesspit of the internet” – that phrase is not of my own invention. And there are those who use it to keep in touch with friends although the rising popularity of facebook as a tool of colleges and university groups to keep in touch means that blogs are more or less redundant for this purpose. And then there are those who just want to tell the whole world what they think – and to connect with the rest of the world.

A lot are however very much introspective and just a ramble on their own life stories.

Why do people read blogs? I do that a lot. I think it gives insight into the character of a person. They can be quite amusing at times. And they alert you to what’s going on. Because for some people blogs are public diaries. They kind of hint I’m going through something bad right now which you should know about when that person is going through something bad except that the person wants everyone to know that without knowing what the really bad thing is – if that sentence even made sense.

And blogs are just a way to follow someone’s life. Even if the person treated his blog as a column, you follow his perspective on life and we humans are at heart nosey creatures who want to know what the other person is up to or thinking about.

Anyways last week was my Mt Kinabalu expedition. Terribly painful I must say. And I thought I had scaled the highest peak in SEA only to realise to my utter dismay that it is in fact the third highest peak. Although in my defence the other two are pretty much unscaleable to the amatuer mountaineer. The highest is on the indonesian side of the papau new guinea island and requires extreme technical ability, so much so that it is labelled as one of the “seven summits”, a challenge issued to mountaineers. The second is in myanmar and would take weeks to climb, considering you even get permission to enter myanmar in the first place.

So in consolation I climbed “the highest scaleable peak in the shortest time possible” in SEA. My legs were in jitters for days after, i.e. up to Sunday although it tingled till Tuesday. And I played basketball for an hour and a half on Saturday morning and 2 hours of futsal that evening. Ahh genius me although my theory is that the endorphin release of exercise actually eased the ache (until I woke up the next morning).

I would post pictures except that I dont have good ones right now. They’re on someone else’s camera. And I have hood hair cos I was wearing a hoodie in the blistering cold.

I thought i lost weight. So I came home and checked. 1 kg. Bleargh. A bit disappointing although someone said that my face fat has kinda diminished. Can’t be a bad thing. Quite a good intensive workout though – felt my heart humming quite a bit. Anyways it took about 6hr 45 mins to reach the summit, and took about 4 hours to get down. Compare that to some record of 2hr 50mins 38secs or something like that to go up and down – i.e. 21km. Although by our measurements the trail is only 8.5 km one way, i.e. two ways is 17km – so where did the extra 4 km come from. Hmm. Extremely mysterious. But it baffles me how someone made it up and down so fast when the terrain is quite killer. They must have been flying.

Anyways I think this is the end of today’s imprint.


2 responses to “A recollection

  1. just a tagging reminder.lol

  2. you got tagged too Joel.
    check mine.

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