Ahh. #73. I’ll give a prize to anyone who can guess the significance of that number.

On a completely unrelated note, an update of life so far, since the last post.

1) I got tagged again. I can only ask you to refer to my previous post, in which I said you’ll learn about me from reading my blog, in Bonus Fact #9.

2) I got food poisoning. Gave me a fever for one and a half to two days. Bleargh. Stomach’s not feeling all that great at the moment. I won’t go into too many more details

3) Been playing some Football Manager.

4) Learning what boredom is.

5) Went to an orphanage today(Saturday) with the group from church. Makes me feel grateful for how blessed my life is. Kids there were great. And I’m not great with kids. So that makes them pretty spectacular kids I must say.

6) Started on my summer reading list. Books covered so far: 1. Books to go: 19. Great effort so far.

7) Read the 7th Harry Potter book. Last Saturday that is. Pretty neat ending. I call the book movie material. And that’s a compliment. I think I now understand what they mean by a ‘spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace’ (see inside flap of paper cover)

8) Currently looking around table for some semblance of what my life was like the past week. Mmm. I don’t see anything.

Oh wait. Look. I just posted 8 facts about myself. Lol.

And that concludes today’s post #73.


One response to “#73

  1. i figured it out. It’s ur 73rd post.

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