The return

Ahh. Well. I’ve managed to settle into a certain rhythm now.

Sure took a long time – 2 months and a bit in fact.

Anyways, this is my first post on my new laptop. Haha. Quite happy with it. Although at the moment I’m slightly disappointed because it still doesn’t feel like a super powerful processor with 4GB of RAM. And to disappoint me further, I discovered that Vista takes up half a GB of RAM. So my laptop is officially listed as having 3.5GB of RAM. What a rip-off, in a way. I think I better install a really powerful computer game soon to test how powerful this laptop really is.

I finally finished all my driving. Just passed today. Quite a peculiar road test I must say though. Haha. There were so many people that my invigilator told me to go as fast as I wanted to. Her two most popular phrases: “Tak perlu berhenti” and “Tekan minyak!!” As a disclaimer, I wish to say that the first phrase was in relation to all those stop signs, which she told me to not bother stopping at unless there were cars, and the acceleration bit was when i was speeding (again the term is relative) at 65kph. Although in fairness, another testee in front of me was really really slow, so I tried to overtake them, except that the pickup is not that fast, and said testee didn’t even look at his side mirror and just cut back in front of me as soon as i was about to finish my overtake, to which my invigilator then said, “Apa ini! Tak tahu memandu!” – to the car in front, not me.

Anyways, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading in preparation for my economics course. And some shopping in preparation for going over. But I’m currently feeling quite under the weather – not at tiptop condition – for some reason unknown. So I’ve not really been in the mood to do much else.

To my faithful readers (7 according to my blog stat counter), I feel that this will mark the recommence of the daily post. I will try to think of a noteworthy theme to guide the next few topics. Although I should add one more disclaimer – I can only post provided I’m at home for at least 4 hours, not inclusive of sleeping, and in one solid block. Otherwise I won’t have the time.


One response to “The return

  1. 8. 8 faithful readers. I’m starting to try to dissolve your solid stuff again 😛 . good stuff

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