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Bite-Size Post #4

That title is sort of a lie. I have one story from today. And I have another thing I want to share. Story first:


Profiting from faulty machinery. So tonight, after the rugby finals, I decided to get some chocolate. Went to the candy machine, and placed in a 1 pound coin. I think it’s a fake to be honest, because it’s the third time the machines will not accept it. Anyways, I place in the requisite 45p, and select a Galaxy Caramel. Before realising there’s this bright red light next to it. Oh rats. Looking at the text, telling me to please wait, I figured it was all out. True enough, I was told to make another selection. I mused at the selection for a bit and decided to go for Maltesers. It said please wait. I thought: This has never happened to me before. It’s usually quite fast. Don’t tell me they’re all out, and the red light didn’t come on… But then I hear the packet drop. After 10 seconds. Mmm, that was long. Then as I’m bending down, I hear another packet drop. And true enough, there are two packets lying there. Talk about luck.


And now the thing I want to share. People who like the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling has just confirmed Dumbledore is gay. (For story, click here.) Now this probably answers the suspicions of several people. And corroborates certain Christian protests against the book. But the question is: is there any place for this in literature?

We live in an increasingly tolerant world. Political correctness has become the norm. But this is the result of relativism. Truth has been cast aside. Rowling claims that she’s trying to promote tolerance in the book. So for the first time, while I do say that the Harry Potter books have good plot and stuff, they are full of nonsense values. (Although I do think that kids reading it would have much stuff to think about regarding truth and relativism) And this last revelation is just a bit too much.


Homosexuality is wrong. It is a sin, because it is contrary to the nature of God and His designs for creation. It epitomises the fallen nature of man. And in this increasingly tolerant world, we can only do one thing: speak out against it. Now Cambridge is an extremely liberal university (and besides I have my suspicions about the people who are gay in my college), but the Christian mandate is to say the truth. And the truth is homosexuality is wrong and therefore we should not tolerate such behaviour. But I have to be careful with my words. Our intolerance is only against the behaviour. Yet we should equally love the person. Because we might not be in that distinct situation (I assume, not that I suspect anyone to be), but we are in one same general situation. We are all subject to the wrath of God. And the only thing that separates Christians, is that God has chosen to lavish His mercy and grace on us, and through Christ we are saved.


We have a whole bunch of arguments today saying that homosexuality is natural, e.t.c. Well sin is natural really. So scientific evidence for one thing does not exclude our views. And therefore, is the power of God sufficient to overcome such inborn behaviour?




Bite-Size Post #3

Ahh. The procrastinator is back. Here’s a quick overview of my life so far.

The work’s finally piled in. Was waiting for that. I have 3 supervisions a week with a similar number of assignments due every week. Two of which are essays and 1 which tends to be math related, so that means a whole load of reading and writing. History is definitely not a fun thing to do, what with the volume of reading.

We had a fire drill the other day. It was hilarious. I had got up to start on my essay and had poured myself a bowl of cereal. Feeling rather comfortable and geared to start work, two spoonfuls later, the alarm goes off. I’m there thinking: Is that the fire alarm? Followed by: Which fool set it off so early?

So anyways I proceed out of my room towards the main court, with a whole bunch of other people who were mostly rudely awakened and barely had time to pull on enough clothing, as it was quite a cold morning. One guy came out in only his boxers with a sleeping bag wrapped around himself – I think he was someone staying over – either that or he was very likely trying to make a statement. Of course, some (including me) had taken the time to put on long pants and wear our shoes and grab a jacket, although I geniusly left my door wide open, so in fact anyone cld have walked in and nick my stuff.

However, people were taking quite long, as most were asleep – this is about 7.45 in the morning. And so now we have to do the fire drill another morning, because they weren’t satisfied. It’s probably going to be tomorrow, on a Saturday morning, when we would love to sleep in.

On the spiritual front, the Christian Union here at my college is pretty strong, and at the moment I’m also still church hunting. There is a curse associated with sound mixing, namely that you get a bit picky about worship. Which is alright in Cambridge though, because a lot of the churches are very much solid on truth teaching, possibly a result of the intellectual community here. So all the sermons here have been good, the worship experiences a mixed bag. (with only two balls in it i might add since i’ve only been to two different churches)

Anyways, that’s all I can think about at the moment. I’ll try to be more committed to this in the future.

Bite-Size Post #2

So what has happened in the last two days?

Lectures have started. It’s been quite a mixed affair. After all, half the lecturers aren’t as interested in lecturing as they are in their own academic study. But that’s part of their whole contract so they have to do stuff. But generally, some have been interesting, some have been dead boring.

There was a pub crawl on the Thursday night – which essentially involves going from one bar to another. Irony was 8/9 of the Econs freshers do not drink. As in drink towards minimal tipsiness. Bigger irony was half the second years don’t really drink either. Haha. So we ended up with sore throats trying to talk over the sheer volume of the crowd.

Had football today. Quite fun in a way eventhough I felt quite off the pace. In part due to the extremely unfit summer I had. In part due to “freshers’ flu” as they call it, where every fresher gets sick in the first term, whether due to the hectic schedule or the living adjustments or the fact that everyone brings their diseases from home and spread them around.

There was a party tonight, or a ‘bop’ in Cambridge terms. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention there are a whole load of fancy dress parties. So I suppose I have it a bit tough cos ppl bring loads of stuff from home whereas I have to maximise my 25 kg. There was a football social before that, although that was quite a drunken mess. Which probably explained why half of the team didn’t bother attending, although it was compulsory for the freshers. Both aren’t really my kind of thing, but it’s one of the better opportunities to meet people from outside your course.

Anyways, the weekend is tomorrow. And I have some studying to do. (And probably go meet up with the Malaysians or something) So this is it.

Bite-Size Post #1

These bite size posts are for those who want to know how my day is:

Woke up at 8 something and went for an introductory lecture which was kinda dull. I think everyone now has mentioned something about seeking counselling when we encounter difficulties. Almost like the mortality rate is through the roof or something.

Went punting down the River Cam. That was quite interesting. Not as easy as it seems.

Dropped by the Freshers’ Fayre. That’s how they spell it. Got quite a bit of goodies and overall entertaining.

Oh. Should probably mention the fire alarm too. Some fresher used his toaster in his room and the smoke set off the alarms. A friend living on the same floor tells me it was enough smoke to cover the whole floor. Genius really. He apparently got into a lot of trouble. Although to be honest, I thought I set off the alarm. Cos I went to see the maintaenance department about my room, and as I stepped closer to the door the alarm went off, and for a while I was wondering whether it was a proximity alarm.

Had quite a satisying BBQ dinner too. Then watched some CL football.

So there ends my pretty enjoyable day.

Lectures start tomorrow. Is that good or bad? Not sure myself either.