Bite-Size Post #1

These bite size posts are for those who want to know how my day is:

Woke up at 8 something and went for an introductory lecture which was kinda dull. I think everyone now has mentioned something about seeking counselling when we encounter difficulties. Almost like the mortality rate is through the roof or something.

Went punting down the River Cam. That was quite interesting. Not as easy as it seems.

Dropped by the Freshers’ Fayre. That’s how they spell it. Got quite a bit of goodies and overall entertaining.

Oh. Should probably mention the fire alarm too. Some fresher used his toaster in his room and the smoke set off the alarms. A friend living on the same floor tells me it was enough smoke to cover the whole floor. Genius really. He apparently got into a lot of trouble. Although to be honest, I thought I set off the alarm. Cos I went to see the maintaenance department about my room, and as I stepped closer to the door the alarm went off, and for a while I was wondering whether it was a proximity alarm.

Had quite a satisying BBQ dinner too. Then watched some CL football.

So there ends my pretty enjoyable day.

Lectures start tomorrow. Is that good or bad? Not sure myself either.


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