Bite-Size Post #2

So what has happened in the last two days?

Lectures have started. It’s been quite a mixed affair. After all, half the lecturers aren’t as interested in lecturing as they are in their own academic study. But that’s part of their whole contract so they have to do stuff. But generally, some have been interesting, some have been dead boring.

There was a pub crawl on the Thursday night – which essentially involves going from one bar to another. Irony was 8/9 of the Econs freshers do not drink. As in drink towards minimal tipsiness. Bigger irony was half the second years don’t really drink either. Haha. So we ended up with sore throats trying to talk over the sheer volume of the crowd.

Had football today. Quite fun in a way eventhough I felt quite off the pace. In part due to the extremely unfit summer I had. In part due to “freshers’ flu” as they call it, where every fresher gets sick in the first term, whether due to the hectic schedule or the living adjustments or the fact that everyone brings their diseases from home and spread them around.

There was a party tonight, or a ‘bop’ in Cambridge terms. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention there are a whole load of fancy dress parties. So I suppose I have it a bit tough cos ppl bring loads of stuff from home whereas I have to maximise my 25 kg. There was a football social before that, although that was quite a drunken mess. Which probably explained why half of the team didn’t bother attending, although it was compulsory for the freshers. Both aren’t really my kind of thing, but it’s one of the better opportunities to meet people from outside your course.

Anyways, the weekend is tomorrow. And I have some studying to do. (And probably go meet up with the Malaysians or something) So this is it.


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