Bite-Size Post #3

Ahh. The procrastinator is back. Here’s a quick overview of my life so far.

The work’s finally piled in. Was waiting for that. I have 3 supervisions a week with a similar number of assignments due every week. Two of which are essays and 1 which tends to be math related, so that means a whole load of reading and writing. History is definitely not a fun thing to do, what with the volume of reading.

We had a fire drill the other day. It was hilarious. I had got up to start on my essay and had poured myself a bowl of cereal. Feeling rather comfortable and geared to start work, two spoonfuls later, the alarm goes off. I’m there thinking: Is that the fire alarm? Followed by: Which fool set it off so early?

So anyways I proceed out of my room towards the main court, with a whole bunch of other people who were mostly rudely awakened and barely had time to pull on enough clothing, as it was quite a cold morning. One guy came out in only his boxers with a sleeping bag wrapped around himself – I think he was someone staying over – either that or he was very likely trying to make a statement. Of course, some (including me) had taken the time to put on long pants and wear our shoes and grab a jacket, although I geniusly left my door wide open, so in fact anyone cld have walked in and nick my stuff.

However, people were taking quite long, as most were asleep – this is about 7.45 in the morning. And so now we have to do the fire drill another morning, because they weren’t satisfied. It’s probably going to be tomorrow, on a Saturday morning, when we would love to sleep in.

On the spiritual front, the Christian Union here at my college is pretty strong, and at the moment I’m also still church hunting. There is a curse associated with sound mixing, namely that you get a bit picky about worship. Which is alright in Cambridge though, because a lot of the churches are very much solid on truth teaching, possibly a result of the intellectual community here. So all the sermons here have been good, the worship experiences a mixed bag. (with only two balls in it i might add since i’ve only been to two different churches)

Anyways, that’s all I can think about at the moment. I’ll try to be more committed to this in the future.


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