Bite-Size Post #4

That title is sort of a lie. I have one story from today. And I have another thing I want to share. Story first:


Profiting from faulty machinery. So tonight, after the rugby finals, I decided to get some chocolate. Went to the candy machine, and placed in a 1 pound coin. I think it’s a fake to be honest, because it’s the third time the machines will not accept it. Anyways, I place in the requisite 45p, and select a Galaxy Caramel. Before realising there’s this bright red light next to it. Oh rats. Looking at the text, telling me to please wait, I figured it was all out. True enough, I was told to make another selection. I mused at the selection for a bit and decided to go for Maltesers. It said please wait. I thought: This has never happened to me before. It’s usually quite fast. Don’t tell me they’re all out, and the red light didn’t come on… But then I hear the packet drop. After 10 seconds. Mmm, that was long. Then as I’m bending down, I hear another packet drop. And true enough, there are two packets lying there. Talk about luck.


And now the thing I want to share. People who like the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling has just confirmed Dumbledore is gay. (For story, click here.) Now this probably answers the suspicions of several people. And corroborates certain Christian protests against the book. But the question is: is there any place for this in literature?

We live in an increasingly tolerant world. Political correctness has become the norm. But this is the result of relativism. Truth has been cast aside. Rowling claims that she’s trying to promote tolerance in the book. So for the first time, while I do say that the Harry Potter books have good plot and stuff, they are full of nonsense values. (Although I do think that kids reading it would have much stuff to think about regarding truth and relativism) And this last revelation is just a bit too much.


Homosexuality is wrong. It is a sin, because it is contrary to the nature of God and His designs for creation. It epitomises the fallen nature of man. And in this increasingly tolerant world, we can only do one thing: speak out against it. Now Cambridge is an extremely liberal university (and besides I have my suspicions about the people who are gay in my college), but the Christian mandate is to say the truth. And the truth is homosexuality is wrong and therefore we should not tolerate such behaviour. But I have to be careful with my words. Our intolerance is only against the behaviour. Yet we should equally love the person. Because we might not be in that distinct situation (I assume, not that I suspect anyone to be), but we are in one same general situation. We are all subject to the wrath of God. And the only thing that separates Christians, is that God has chosen to lavish His mercy and grace on us, and through Christ we are saved.


We have a whole bunch of arguments today saying that homosexuality is natural, e.t.c. Well sin is natural really. So scientific evidence for one thing does not exclude our views. And therefore, is the power of God sufficient to overcome such inborn behaviour?




One response to “Bite-Size Post #4

  1. lol. That happened to me too when I bought candy from the machine. I got two of it for the price of one. 😀 Of course, it was a good way to share it with others in the end. 😛

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