Bite-Size Post #5

This really is a bite size post.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the last post. I got another free chocolate bar. I’m not sure whether that’s because I’m extremely lucky, or I just buy so many the probability tips in my favour. In my defense, I believe I’ve only bought 5 chocolate bars over the last 2 weeks. And 1 free bar.

I’ve been working my bum off the last few days to get ahead of my workpile. It’s coming along successfully, and I do believe that after this weekend (and probably a few days), I just might be a bit too free.

There’s been a meningitis outbreak in my college. Well outbreak’s exaggerating it. There’s one confirmed case and the other’s still undergoing lab analysis. And meningitis isn’t overly contagious apparently so the chances of two or more cases is rare. In any case, that was surely reassuring, because just as the cases were being announced, I fell sick.

In retrospect it might have been a few bad nights of sleep because I certainly feel better now. But feeling a bit paranoid, I went online to check some self-diagnosing techniques. I only qualified for 3 of 7 symptoms, all of which are a result of sleep deprivation and the feeling of which I’m familiar with. (it was headache, though not severe, a slight temperature, but not overly high, and sleepiness – whether you can call it severe is another matter for discussion) And there was also a test for nuchal rigidity, or neck stiffness, which is a common symptom. And I was sitting on my chair, checking that I could touch my knee with my forehead/kiss my knee.

Yes people, it does sound quite paranoid. But you can’t be too careful. And I was praying quite hard that I wouldn’t fall sick this term. So even if it was a case, God pulled me through.

Well, that’s all. I should head to bed before the party crowd gets back.

Oh and I should also add that Passion finally got the spelling of Kuala Lumpur right. I think they deserve an applause for that :p


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