Bite-Size Post #6

It’s been a long while.

I’m on the final stretch. Term’s over in 2 weeks time.

Weather’s gone down to below 0 over the past few nights. And it’s stayed roughly below 5 in the daytime. Although it’s starting to get a bit warmer again. Freak cold spell i suppose. But it’s made for some very nice lie-ins. Which means that I have been quite well rested for the past 2 nights. God answered my prayer in this respect in quite dramatic fashion. Lol.

There was a Malaysian Food Feast tonight. I am stuffed. Extremely stuffed. Think 8 course wedding dinners, where you feel sick afterwards. Food was mixed. There was quite a lot of good stuff overall though. Although I’m still itching to get some proper Malaysian food back home.

Yesterday (Friday) was hilarious. They were conducting some fire alarm testing and it was meant to begin at 9.30 and be over by 1.30. Started quite late
around 10 something, as I was leaving at around 10.45 to hand in some work before walking over to lectures. Anyways, I get back at 1, thinking that they must have conducted the testing already because it was so quiet.

I hope too much really. It went off around 1.30, and there I though ahh they’re running a bit late with the testing aren’t they? Then it went off again at 2 something. Correction: It went off several times for the next hour and a half. Annoying.

This wasn’t the worst of it. Another fire alarm in another block kept going off up to 5.45, which happened to be in the middle of my supervision. My supervisor could only laugh it off, because he had to abandon the previous supervision after repeated attempts to talk were interrupted by the blaring alarm. Thankfully, that was the last we heard of it.

Oh, and the funny part. The objective of the test was to approve the system as functional. I don’t think they passed.

That’s all.


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