Bite-Size Post #7

Ahh. Term is over. Will have one more supervision in 10 minutes but that’s the end of it really.

It’s been rather fast how my first term has gone by. Bit strange too having met quite a few people and now not seeing them for the next six weeks.

Anyways, the last week or so was good. Points of interest: sleep, went to London for the weekend and stuffed myself full of Chinese food – can’t wait to get back and eat good food though, had a Christmas formal, got taken to Caffe Nero and bought drinks by our history supervisor for our final history supervision of the term – what a way to curry favour with us students, spent my last week working after having procrastinated the whole of the first week, watched some House, can’t wait for Heroes finale, going to Notts tomorrow to play some bball, going on a Houseparty with my college CU from Sunday to Tuesday, slept some more.

Mmm. That’s about it actually. Cambridge is in fact a very boring place in terms of entertainment -that’s why you need a laptop and a good internet connection. Otherwise, it’s really just a place for you to study.

Anyways, this will be likely updated for the last time before I fly home on the 10th of December. Until then, this is all I really have to say.


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