#9: January 26, 2008

Reading today was from Genesis 41-42.

Joseph’s story would be on the front cover of every publication if it took place today. He was sold by his brothers to Ishmaelite traders at the age of 17. He was bought by an Egyptian, Potiphar, and quickly rose to prominence in his household, before being thrown in prison despite his innocence. In prison, he again quickly rose to prominence and was placed in charge of the other prisoners by the jailer. Here he met Pharaoh’s chief baker and cupbearer who had been jailed for offences. They each had a dream, both of which Joseph rightly interpreted. And Joseph had asked the cupbearer to remember him when he was restored. But the cupbearer forgot. And so Joseph was left to languish in prison for a couple more years.

Then at the age of 30, (Was it coincidence that Jesus also started His ministry at the age of 30, or that David became King of Israel when he was 30? Curious fact, isn’t it?) Pharaoh had a dream which no one could interpret, and upon the cupbearer’s testimony, Joseph was summoned. Now this is just something that you have to picture in your mind. He was a prisoner when he entered Pharaoh’s court. When he departed, he was Lord of Egypt, second-in-command only with respect to the throne.

It’s an amazing testament to God’s power that Joseph’s fortunes were reversed in the blink of an eye. And it’s not without its parallels today. Through the simple act of trusting Jesus for His propitiation of our sin, and His righteousness imputed to us when we place Him as Lord of our lives, our fortunes are reversed in an instant. We are turned from hell to heaven in a blink of an eye. That is a testament to God’s amazing grace. Like Joseph, if we place our trust in God, we will get the best of this life and the next. It’s that simple, so simple that it become a stumbling block to some. But grace is uncomplicated on our part – it’s something we just need to accept. And that’s reason enough to rejoice.


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