#10: January 27, 2008

Well. Resolution #7 is going good. Today’s reading was from Genesis 43-45.

God moves in mysterious ways. Who could have foretold the entire story of Joseph, from the day he was taken away, to the day he was reunited with his brothers? And that Joseph would become Lord of all Egypt? That the entire saga was all part of God’s plan to preserve and prosper his chosen people?

But I think what was even more amazing was that Joseph recognised the hand of God in his life. That despite how things turned out, for better or worse, he knew the hand of God was orchestrating his life, from beginning to end. He testified to it before Pharaoh. He testified to it before his household. He testified to it before his brothers.

Sometimes I wonder if we can say the same thing ourselves. Do we really recognise the sovereignty of God over every aspect of our lives? That He is a God in control? That everything that happens does not happen without His permission? Nothing in history has been a mistake. God does not make mistakes. And thus we are not a mistake. We are in this time and place for a purpose. God has chosen to impart to us a saving knowledge of Jesus – although whether we trust in that is another matter – for a purpose. The purpose comes from the fact that there are many who are not as privileged to know who Jesus really is. Our purpose is thus rather simple: to testify about Jesus before everyone.

Yet as simple as it is, the question I then find myself facing is whether I have the boldness of Joseph to trust in God for everything. Do I really recognise the sovereignty of God over every aspect of my life? For it is from the assurance of God’s sovereignty that courage spills forth. The courage to stand and testify to the grace of God before those who have not heard. And in all honesty, as much as I strive to, there are strongholds in my life where I have not allowed God to break in. And it is with utmost sincerity that I pray for His power to tear down those walls.


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