Passion: God of this City – My two cents

Well. I figured since I was going to be no.7 on Google search, I might as well give more than a one-word review, as accurate as it was.

1. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
I have no clue which gathering this is taken from, but I have a gut feeling it was the closing song of Passion 07 at Atlanta, because it sounds a lot like it. I might be wrong. Either way, it’s a pretty awesome opener to the album, and it has really given me second thoughts about this song, which did not stand out straight away on Tomlin’s See the Morning album.

2. You are God – Charlie Hall
I’m assuming this song was recorded from Atlanta as well and was the one available on iTunes. Again I might be wrong. But if it is, they’ve cut the song and left out the part where Charlie starts talking quite a bit. Regardless, it’s a good song – classic Charlie Hall.

3. God of this City – Chris Tomlin
This is an amazing song. There are songs that come every so often and grab your attention. This is one of them. The title song is really what makes Passion, well, Passion. Powerful crowd moments in this one. And it embodies the vision of Passion itself, that greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in cities around the world. Simply inspiring.

4. O For a Thousand Tongues to – David Crowder Band
This song has stayed in the uppermost recesses of my mind ever since those 4 days in Atlanta. One reason mainly because it was a new tune from my favourite band. But because there was something powerful about this song that just stayed with me. I eagerly wanted to hear a copy of the song, so I searched the web, but sadly no one had recorded it. Then when Remedy was announced, I was eager as a beaver. When the song came out, it did sound slightly different. And now I realise that my suspicions were right about the speed of the live version. As Everything Glorious was slower live, this song was faster live. Regardless, it’s a good song, made awesome by that one memory and the long wait đŸ™‚

5. Hosanna – Christy Nockels
Impressive. Tomlin has increasingly used Hillsong United music in his worship sets. This one’s taken off one of the regionals, (after all the song came out after Atlanta) but it captures all the hook and verve of the original version, which happened to be the only song I truly enjoyed on the United CD – won’t go any further on this since our likes and dislikes are all rather relative anyways.

6. Sing Sing Sing – Chris Tomlin
People feared another Party. In defense of Party, I understand that songs that were powerful live might not sound as good to outsiders who weren’t part of the experience. But still… Anyways, no need to fear, because this song is just pure energy, Tomlin style.

7. Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill
Refreshing change from the usual Passion artists. It’s a simple but beautifully crafted (no pun with the title intended) song that sticks in your head and has you humming along unconsciously at times.

8. Walk the World – Charlie Hall
Another song that stuck with me at Atlanta. Not sure where this recording was from though. But this song is musically amazing and the chorus is plain catchy. And for me it embodied the message of Passion 07 as well, to shine.

9. We Shine – Steve Fee
Monster. Because I’ve run out of superlatives. But this was a monster recording. Transports you back to the moment of the song.

10. God of our Yesterdays – Matt Redman
New Redman song. Was looking forward to hear it when news of this album came out. After the previous monster of a song, this song opens on a rather soft note, with the keys playing. And this is a song with a message very much in the vein of Redman’s Blessed be Your Name and You Never Let Go, married to a tune that well, you can only describe as befitting it.

11. Glory of It All – David Crowder Band
The most powerful moment of Passion 07 for me, which left me in a profound state of mind after the tears of the previous songs. Granted I do believe the recording’s taken from the Philips Arena, whereas I experienced this song at the GWCC. But it is the same song, and it’s probably my favourite song at this point in time, because it’s a simple reminder of what this life is really all about. Simple lyrics, Crowder music, divinely inspired experience – what more do I have to say?

12. Shine – Matt Redman
This was also one of those powerful moments of worship at Passion 07. And the poetry in this song is actually fantastic. It was one of those songs that would just stick in your head afterwards. Can a songwriter ask for anything else?

13. Dancing Generation – Matt Redman
This song feels a bit strange. The crowd sounded slightly half hearted at the start and in places. If this was Atlanta, maybe because it was only day two, and the first song of the morning session? Either way, it’s probably the least favourite song of the whole album for me. But maybe that’s just because the others were amazing (no pun intended regarding the title of the next song either) *EDIT*Well with a couple more listens, this song does begin to grow on you…*EDIT*

14. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
This is the one that was available on iTunes as well. It’s a good song. It was a worshipful moment. But hearing it on the album, it does feel a bit long. My favourite version of Amazing Grace is still the Crowder one that’s circulating on YouTube.
Well that’s my song-by-song two cents. But there’s a saying: the sum of the whole is greater than its parts. And this is certainly the case for Passion: God of This City. It is an awesome album, with awesome moments, but more importantly it has a message for us to go and do something awesome, because our God is awesome. There are a collection of inspiring worship numbers that might become rather popular with the global church. And it’s certainly my favourite of the series so far, after the 2005 album, because there’s just something powerfully inspiring about it that I can’t place my finger on…God maybe?


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