#17: February 3, 2008

Today’s reading was Exodus 13-15.
Humans are rather forgetful creatures. As I read the book of Exodus, and see all the miracles God performs before Israel, and the awe-inspiring image of the Red Sea parting to let them through, I laugh when the Israelites rejoice for a while, then begin grumbling after 3 days without water. And when they get water, they complain that it is bitter.

The Israelites are a complaining people. But we are not so different today. We complain a lot as well. It is no wonder that Paul preaches to us to be content with what we have, to do everything without complaining or arguing, as to stand out from the world.

Sometimes I’d think that I would never complain about God not doing anything if I had seen something as miraculous as the Red Sea parting. But as I dwell on that thought further, I realise that the biggest miracle of all is that which is supernatural. The Red Sea was parted by a strong east wind sent by God. But there is no natural precedent for resurrecting the dead to life. That is truly the miracle, because only God can do that. And I am part of that miracle, for I was once dead, but now I am alive. As long as I remember this, it is proof enough that I have no reason to complain, that I have no reason to doubt that God is at work in this life.

But coming back full circle, humans after all ARE rather forgetful creatures. In light of this, I believe it is important to make every effort to remind ourselves of what God has done for us, of which first and foremost is the miracle of salvation – that He took this dead man and raised me to life.


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