You’ll never believe this…

You can see me on one of the brief video clips Passion filmed in London!

Yeah. A big black blob.


But seriously, if there were more pixels, and a bit more light, you could make me out clearly.

In case you’re wondering what videos, check out their MySpace page.

Facing the stage, I’m on the far right of the first tier. I’m on the corner nearest to the bathroom (that lit up green sign on the right wall). Well technically Cheryl’s on that corner, but I’m just one to the left. And in case you’re wondering which videos, the first is O Praise Him, taken from the left side of the stage. And the second is How Great is Our God, taken from somewhere behind me. I’m one of those big black blobs, somewhere in that indistinguishable mass of darkness. I was trying to work out which pair of hands, or hand I was, but it’s a bit hard with that many up in the air. You can also barely make out my general position from Blessed Be Your Name. Heh.

OK. Back to revision now…


6 responses to “You’ll never believe this…

  1. gee, you got ME excited! -_-

    you can’t see ANYTHING at all! I tried. Everything. Squinting, pausing, tilting my laptop screen to every angle possible – nothing.

    i definitely think you should go back to your studying, =p.

  2. Joel Lee Weng Yew

    Ahaha. Like I said, a big black blob and if only there was a bit more light and pixels, could you make out any specifics.

  3. this is not very thought provoking

  4. Joel Lee Weng Yew

    It is. If you strain your eyes enough trying to figure out which person is me.


    It’s a brief respite.

  5. he gets to go for 2 passion conferences (and anohter in august!) and he gets to be a blob in the video. where’s the justice?

  6. Haha. Be careful with your words. You might end up being more than a blob come this August.

    I’m still wondering what I would do/feel if I came out really clear on a photo or a video.

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