It’s been a whirlwind of a ride

I’ve always questioned the nature of God’s blessings. Is it right that I should prosper all the time? Is it right that my life always seems to be working out great? As a Christian, shouldn’t I be facing trials? Should my Heavenly Father not be disciplining me, for He will always discipline His children out of love for their good?

We can probably exclude ‘and temptations’. Because I am sorely tempted to do all sorts of God-dishonouring things every minute of every day.

Yet perhaps, I’m not ready for such a trial. Or maybe, God wants me to stay on the top of the mountain just that bit longer, so that I may behold His goodness gladly. Or perhaps there’s the matter of this question which requires pondering over: Is it harder to be satisfied in God in the good times or in the bad times?

But one thing I do not do is this: I do not question the origin of those blessings. It is the Heavenly Father who gives us good gifts. His definition of good is one tempered by His sovereign love and wisdom. Our definition of good is one muddied by the stain of sin. And He has seen it good for me to be blessed as such.

One year ago, I nearly missed out on a place at Cambridge. Today, I’ve achieved a First in my first year exams. Being in the 7th percentile, that places me at 12th I think.

It’s been a whirlwind of a ride. And through it, my Father has been working all things for my good, and I know He always will, though the circumstances may seem otherwise.

For now, the circumstances are good. And I rejoice all the more.

Thank you.

And thank you for your Son Jesus, who took my sin, died in my place as the propitiation for my sin, lived a perfectly obedient life and became my righteousness, so that I no longer stand condemned, but stand in the light of new life, not by my own merit or effort, but on that sure foundation of grace that God freely showed to me before the creation of the world, thus confident that nothing will ever separate me from the love of Christ, which is all I’ll ever need for this life and the next.


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