An update

So my wireless modem router finally died. Lesson: Don’t buy DLink.

In the meantime I’ve finally managed to embark on that summer reading list. Humility: True Greatness is a nice and simple, yet profound book. And it’s a topic that resounds closely with my life. Pride is indeed the ‘great sin’ as C.S. Lewis describes it. And it’s pervasive and deceptive. Thinking that you have it under control is but a deadlier version of pride. And it is empowering to know that God has given us means to help defeat our pride and cultivate humility, being humble and contrite just as Jesus was. A highly recommended book, and it’s a book anyone can easily pick up and understand, but don’t be deceived – humility is to be practiced, not analysed, and there lies the true test.

And now I’ve turned to The Screwtape Letters and The Cross of Christ. I’m eagerly looking forward to see what gems there are in these two books.

Also, Passion Kuala Lumpur is nearly upon us! I am eagerly looking forward to that day. I can’t believe the 4000 passes are already sold out, although I guess there’s more than meets the eye on that little fact. You would think having gone to London would have tide me over, but it’s a bit different when it’s on home soil. Funnily enough though, I had a dream that Charlie fell sick and David came instead. Heh. But I couldn’t be happier about these two. Can’t wait to hear the new material.

Yes, new material! 2 weeks to getting my hands on Hello Love and the Bright Sadness! I am definitely bringing a sizeable wad of cash on this trip. Especially the Bright Sadness – sounds stellar. I think Charlie did an amazing job on this album. Google around – you’ll be able to hear the single “My Brightness. And you can also catch Chain Breaker on YouTube, and Jesus Mystery on GoogleVideos. My Brightness is quite a lyrical work.

Speaking about new album releases, there’s also the Remedy Tour DVD. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s going to be a blast watching it.

I believe that’s all for the moment. My theological posting is going to be reduced or non-existent somewhat for the next couple of weeks, because they are quite time consuming and draining, and I do want to use the time to do some reading. Also, the process of preparing for Saturday’s lessons tend to take whatever extra time I have. Alternatively, if I wanted to, I could probably post transcripts of those lessons.

But it’s a decision I’ll make some time in the future.


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