A CD you must get

It’s a strange tale how I came upon this CD. 

I first heard the name Valley of Vision frequenting challies.com. It is a book of Puritan prayers. The rich theology, heartfelt expression, and beautiful poetry of these well-crafted prayers instantly seized my attention.

Somewhere, I also happened to come across a free copy of Bob Kauflin’s Let Your Kingdom Come, which I downloaded and liked. 

But then it was during Christmas, when I was sorting out the files on my laptop, that I came upon the song again, and decided that I ought to listen to the entire CD.

As it happens, it was drawn from a CD titled Valley of Vision, a CD inspired by the book of Puritan prayers.

I immediately fell in love with the CD. It’s one thing to say these prayers, but add a fitting melody and something explodes in the very fibre of your soul. 

It’s a CD I would heartily recommend to any Christian. I have not come across any other CD which strikes such a fine-tuned balance between excellent music and theology. It instructs the mind, warms the heart, and is good for the soul.



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